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Help me pick my new glasses (and get 20% off a pair for yourself!)

Today I’m super excited to share another Victory Optical review with you! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Victory Optical, they’re a newly resurrected eyewear company whose roots go back to 1941 when the company was originally founded. When I say resurrected, I don’t mean in the sense like Madewell, I mean the third (and fourth!) generation of the original owner have picked up where their grandfather left off, reproducing the same amazing styles that were so popular throughout the 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond.


You see, in late 2013 I did something rather bold and I approached Victory Optical with a potential partnership. Why? Because I wear prescription glasses, and they make amazing frames! There are plenty of eyewear companies out there making vintage inspired frames now, but Victory Optical really stands out to me because of their company’s history (you can read more about their story on the Victory Optical History Page). Long story short, Victory Optical has brought me on as their first official brand ambassador! That means more frames for me to review (read my first review, here) and a 20% off discount code for you to use when you buy from Victory Optical!

Victory Optical has graciously let me try on six frames, three of which I get to keep. I’d very much appreciate your help in trying to narrow it down!

First up: Fino in Caribbean Blue


I like the Fino frames because they’re similar to my beloved El Rias (which I reviewed a while back) but with a slightly boxier shape. The one thing I did notice is how the color on the website looks opaque, when in real life they’re translucent with stripes of color going through. A really neat effect! Fino is also available in two browns and a purple colorway.

Second in line is the Honey in Red:


I believe this frame was Victory’s best selling frame last year and I can see why! The Honey is a really unique shape, but don’t make quite as big of a statement like the cat eye on Tang (which I’ll show in a second!). They come in a slew of colors and are based on Victory’s original late 1940s design by the same name. You can see some of the original Honey ads on the history page!

I have a pretty petite face and Victory frames fit me comfortably, but if you need a slightly wider pair, many of the frames come in multiple sizes, Honey included. If you love the contrast of a dark frame, but are bored of basic black, how about this lovely green shade (shown below in the wider size)!



Next up: Slim Oval in Tortoise


Okay I adore these frames! Slim Oval is a 1960s throw back to the 20s and 30s and I think I’m in love. Shown above in the tortoise colorway, the colors in this pair include deep purple mixed in with the brown. I was pleasantly surprised with that since I assumed from the website that they were black and brown! Victory also JUST released a similar style called Eye Play which I might have to beg for in lieu of these. The original Eye Play design actually does date back to the 1930s from what I’ve been told, and comes in soooo many amazing colors!

Another frame I’m in love with: Miss Exec in Pink Pearl!


I love the shape of Miss Exec! They’re a subtle cat eye with the adorable signature “V” for Victory in each corner. Shown above is the Miss Exec in pink pearl, but they also come in two shades of brown, black, and even a few matte finishes. If you’ve always wanted to try a cat eye frame, but feel you can’t pull off the really pointy shapes, I bet the Miss Exec will be perfect for you!

Last but not least, the Tang frames in Red!


If you’re a big fan of that classic 50s/60s cat eye, you’ve got to check out Tang! How cool are these?! The earliest original advertisement I see on Victory’s history page for the Tang is 1953. That means they were on the forefront of bringing this style to the mainstream, and I’m sure glad they did because cat eye frames happen to be my favorite! I think this frame comes in the most variety of colors yet (ten colors!) including black horn, pink, white pearl, a few browns, and even blue! I think the red is pretty fantastic if I do say so myself.


I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to narrow it down to just three frames when I love all of them so much! I know you’ve all been waiting for the discount code though so I should just get right to it…

Save 20% on all frames when you buy through Victory Optical’s website using the code LUCKY20!

This coupon code is valid for one whole year so you have some time to shop around and pick your favorite. Victory currently only sells the frames, not the prescription lenses, but you can buy the frames and take them to your local optometrist to have your prescription lenses put in (which is what I did for my El Ria frames).

Victory offers free shipping in the US, as well as free returns. If you’re an international customer, you can request a shipping quote or check out Victory’s many retail locations across the US, Canada, and Australia.

For updates on sales and new releases, follow Victory Optical on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

I hope you love the frames as much as I do! Don’t forget to use that 20% off 😉


UPDATE 3/18 – See which frames I picked, here!

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(photos by william waldon ME thanks to my new camera remote!)

  • Shirley

    The pink ones!

  • evilincarKnit

    I think you look fantastic in ALL the glasses :).

    Thanks so much for introducing this company – I just placed an order for several frames myself (thanks Lucky20!) and they could not have been nicer or more helpful! Always happy to support awesome family businesses.

  • goldenstar

    I think you should choose Fino, Slim Oval, and Tang!

  • mborromeo

    Tang in red gets my vote!

  • The Exec looks lovely on you but you’re also rocking the red Tangs!

  • uglybeat

    Tang in Red wins my vote!

  • Wow, those are some stylish glasses! All of them are pretty nice, but I definitely love the Tang Frames in Red, the best.

  • Jana

    Honey in Red is my favourite. It just looks awesome on you! Are you going to let us know which frames you picked in the end! All the best, Jana

  • hereslookingatyou_kid

    Fabulous! Their frames are fantastic. I would love to get some new sun glasses a la “Miss Exec”. But so many options… You look great in all of these! But I definitely recommend the Fino or the Tang! Too cute.

  • JoezGal

    I really like the Honey, Miss Exec and Tang; they all look great on you!

  • missceliespants

    are your pink one the matte or shiny ones?

  • You rock, dear Rochelle!!! I get approached by various companies frequently, but have never worked up the nerve (I’m mind blowingly shy) to make first contact, so to speak. Victory Optical did not just well, but excellent, to take up your offer and have as their first brand ambassador. You look amazing in glasses (their’s and in general) and your passion for this venerable brand is immediately evident.

    All these frames are great (as a fellow bespectacled gal, they had me swooning up a storm!), but numbers 2, 5 and 6 get my top votes.

    ♥ Jessica

  • I love the Fino. Love! The color really looks fantastic against your hair 🙂

  • Lisette

    I love the Honey and Tangs in red!

  • I love the shapes of the Honey & Miss Exec frames on you! They suit your face so well. Thanks for the post and the discount code – I’ve never ordered glasses online before, but Victory’s frames are pretty enough that I might consider it,

  • Lauriana

    Honey, Exec and Tang, if you ask me.
    But I think you should consider hair style and colour. You’ve written before about often wearing wigs so I don’t know if this is what your hair will look like most of the time. This vibrant colour makes all the red frames look particularly good but a different one might have a different effect.

    And for me, it’s such a shame Victory don’t retail in Europe…

  • Vicotry, Miss Exec, and Tang.

  • Alison Boncha

    The shape of the Honey frames is fantastic! And the red is spectacular but I may being tricked by your amazing hair right now. The dark green is really great, too!

  • The Exec in pink is definitely the most flattering on you in my opinion. Close second and thirds go to Hone in red and Tang in red!

  • Evie

    Miss Exec in pink followed by Honey in red.

  • Stephanie Thorpe

    I think the last two are my favorite! You can really rock a cat eye!

  • I vote Miss Exec in Pink Pearl 🙂

  • Rebecca

    I like the shape of the honey for you, but think the darker colors are better.

  • LOVE the Miss Exec on you! I just got a large pair of burgundy frames and I’m loving them, although my faves will always be my matte purple ones that I lost while moving.

  • Amanda

    Definitely the Fino, the Honey Red, and the Miss Exec in Pink Pear! Those three are beyond stunning on you, though the others are cute, too!

  • Murga

    the miss exec and the honey in read look amazing with your eye shape and skin tone

  • Lyric

    The red are kicking butt with your hair, honey. Please nix the black;
    too harsh for your skin tone. You’re too cute for them. Red, red, red.

  • I’m all for Miss Exec – the color matches your skintone perfectly and they’d go with everything. The shape makes a statement without overshadowing all of your awesome outfits 🙂

  • Lisa

    I love the Honey in Green the best. It’s a nice variation on basic black and the shape is very flattering. I do like the Miss Exec, but I feel like a bold color is better.

  • I love those! I think Miss Exec, Tang, & Slim Oval are my faves. Yay for coupon codes! (And double yay that it has such a long validation!)

  • All of them are adorable and cute on you! But my fav is Miss Exec in Pink Pearl 🙂

  • johanna@projects by me

    One of the RED ones, the colour suits you really well!

  • Maria Paulsen

    Definitely the blue ones. 🙂

  • zilredloh

    These are all so cute. I have to say, my top fav on your face is the Honey in red. I didn’t pick them because they match your hair perfectly (although that’s a lovely bonus), but I think they fit your face the best. They’re fun, blend perfectly and highlight your pretty face. IE it’s not just about the fun frames but they pair well with YOU. 😀

  • Eeep! How will you ever choose? I personally love the oval tortoise frames and the red Tangs. Fantastic!

  • Oh my goodness they all look fabulous!! I think my favourites are the Slim Oval, then the Fino, and then the Honey. Whenever I pick out frames, I try to visualize them with different hair colours too as mine is always changing. I try to chose what looks best with my skin tone and my eyebrows vs hair colour. My current frames have worked really well for me and they very similar to the Fino. Good luck – they all look really lovely!

  • Ryann

    I actually like them all on you, so am really no help!! Also, am distracted by the cuteness of your hair. I have long hair now, but need to remember this style when I get brave enough to chop it all off one of these days. 🙂

  • Beta

    Hi Rochelle! 🙂
    The frames are stunning. I hope one day to be able to own a pair of these beauties. You look lovely with all of them and is really hard to choose, for sure. But these 3 I really love to see on your face and with your wardrobe in general: Fino in Caribbean Blue, Miss Exec in Pink Pearl, Tang frames in Red.

    Beta x

  • Melissa Ormonde

    Oh my gosh, these are adorable! I will definitely check them out when it come time for me to get some new frames. I’m partial to the cat-eye styles, so I think it’s a toss-up between Miss Exec in pink and Tang in red.

  • Helen Mae

    Miss Exec. looks great on you, I think 🙂

  • Callie

    Honey in black or Miss Exec. in pink look fabulous on you!

  • Juliana Bibas

    Wow, tough choices! My top three in order are: Honey in Red, the 1920/30s tortishell round ones, and the pink pearlescent ones (miss exec I think?) They all look great though!! Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  • Marisa

    Honey in Red!!!