No Guts, No Glory

January 7, 2015

This is going to be a tendinitis friendly post where I let the photos do most of the explaining for me, but I did want to share a little bit about the “guts” of my latest sewing project: The Crazy 8s Full Circle Skirt. I’m rather proud of the way it came together since I’ve never done a pieced project like this (I’ve only made one quilt in my life thus far). I took extra steps to make the insides look just as nice as the outside, which is something I started really striving for last year.


I used Hug Snug seam binding to stabilize the waist band to prevent it from stretching, which is now laughably ironic because I actually need it to stretch! …yes the pie was an issue if you’ll recall from my last post.



Bias tape. It’s my best friend. I use it for hemming practically everything! I had to order more fabric on account of misreading the yardage charts, so I thought why not just wait a little longer to finish and order some vintage bias tape while I’m at it? I bought a few packs from Vintage Curateur on Etsy. Good stuff.



Since I’ve been sewing a lot of closure-free tunics lately, I completely forgot some of the steps to sewing a lapped zipper! I wanted to make sure I did it right so I referred back to Sunni’s free zipper class on Craftsy for help. I also wanted to be sure I was installing the zipper so that my top stitching would be on the pink fabric only, not the pink and green, just to make it a little more incognito.


The pattern instructions call for a hook and eye closure, but I much prefer a brightly colored button when my auto buttonhole foot will cooperate.


I found a weird sort of pleasing rhythm in making sure all the seams were pressed in the same direction. No one will really get to see it but me, but my favorite parts of sewing are often in the small details. Which is why it makes my eye twitch when I see the navy blue thread I used on the seam of my last panel haha! I was trying to use up the last of a bobbin so I didn’t bother to wind up more of the natural color before switching to the pink topstitching thread. Just a nice little reminder of how lazy resourceful I was that day 😉




I pressed my first panel (that seam in the middle) a little too aggressively, causing the points to not line up so well. I really tried hard not to stretch all my other seams though, and I’m proud of the results. I’ve got nice even points on all the other panels. Hooray for small victories! Karl Cat doesn’t seem too impressed though. He’s more concerned with why I was taking his photo and not petting his head.


Often times with sewing projects I’m concentrating so much on the finished product that I overlook the small victories within the little details. It’s nice to take a step back every once in a while and dedicate a whole post to the glory in the guts.