In Three Things

Three Things v.3

I’ve decided to continue my “Three Things” installment since it’s rather fun for me to do little round-ups like this. I originally had the idea for these posts so I could share more of my own photography, at a time when I was blogging less frequently, and really only sharing finished projects with photos taken by my man companion, Wil. Well I’m proud to say that Wil has only taken photos for ONE blog post so far this year! Now that I have a tripod and a remote for my camera, I’m really interested in taking more of my own outfit photos and learning the camera on manual settings.

So, here are three photos I’ve taken along with some other things in a series of three. …just because.


Three projects I can’t wait to work on: The Factory Dress by Merchant and Mills, this Mimi G sweater coat, and the new Granville shirt pattern by Sewaholic.

Three TV shows I’ve been watching: Murdoch Mysteries, Murdoch Mysteries, Murdoch Mysteries. I’m burning through the seasons at an embarrassing rate, to the point where I’m having dreams about the characters bahaha! If it’s a murder mystery that takes place in a past era, I’m probably obsessed with it, and this one is no exception. I found the first season to be a little bland, but there’s a reason why they’re going on season 8 now (I think 8…). It’s one of my new favorites! So good!

Three songs stuck in my head: Cornbread and Butterbeans by Carolina Chocolate Drops, Rattlin’ Bones by Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and You Were Only Passing Time With Me by King Oliver and His Orchestra.

Three Sew-Alongs I’m excited about: The Crazy Dog Lady Sewing Challenge hosted by Carlee, Tanya, and Sophie-Lee (They have a really cute banner and some awesome prizes. Plus, I’m obviously a crazy dog lady so I might just have to join this one!). The Grainline Cascade Duffle Coat Sew-Along (I’m not going to lie, a 40 piece pattern sounds outrageously intimidating so I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s all put together) AND! Fall For Cotton (Spring for Cotton?) returning in March!! If you like vintage inspired sewing and cotton fabric, this is the sew-along for you 😉


Three web links I found interesting: The (Victorian) science of Ripper Street – this article lists how some of the deaths in the episodes are totally accurate for the time period, and probably even happened in real life.

Speaking of Victorian times, one of my dear friends lives in NYC and she told me the new Morbid Anatomy Museum just opened up in Brooklyn. Apparently you can take all sorts of weird classes like Anthropomorphic Taxidermy, which was all the rage during the Victorian Era. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t dying to visit the museum! That kind of weird stuff is right up my alley and my friend and I might even take one of the classes. I may be a complete lunatic but I have two words for you: Detective Mouse. …it’s pretty adorable.

Annnnddd since we’re talking about morbid things, my same friend also went to an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art called Death Becomes Her. It featured a century of mourning attire (from 1815 – 1915) and the photos I’ve seen of the dresses are amazing. Christine at Thread Cult has more photos and a podcast featuring the co-curator! A really neat interview. I enjoyed listening.

Three items on my wishlist: I’ve noticed a surge in adorable t-shirts from indie makers and these are no exception! Seriously, someone studied my life and then made these shirts – Stay Home Club, Drink Coffee… Pet Dogs, and I sew so I don’t kill people.

Three books on my to-read list: I started reading Her Royal Spyness last week and like it so far. Next on my list is Sergeant Stubby, and Fallen Beauty.


Photo 1: Lucille snoozin’ with her new Christmas toys.
Photo 2: Nikko being a snooty brat cat, as per usual.
Photo 3: Some American Pokeweed growing in my back yard (photo taken before winter hit, obviously). Have you heard the song Poke Salad Annie made famous by Elvis? That’s the “poke salad” referenced in the song! Apparently it’s quite poisonous if not prepared correctly. It’s pretty beautiful to look at though.

What are some of your “three things” lately?


  • Pokeweed is incredibly poisonous – it makes certain immune cells go crazy, and we actually use it to stimulate those cells in the lab. You have to boil it over and over again to make it edible. There’s a pokeweed colorway of The Fiber Company’s Meadow yarn that is very pretty.

    • Caitlin Musgrave

      There are parts of pokeweed, young leaves, that are edible. However, you have to get them at the right time. They are really quite good once you prepare them properly.

  • I felt with Murdoch Mysteries that the makers started out playing it fairly straight, then decided to have fun. And the more fun they have, the more fun the programme gets. If you enjoy Ripper Street, you might also like the 1920s-set Peaky Blinders (they use music by people like Nick Cave and the White Stripes, which sounds weird but works really well). Foyle’s War has finally ended, and in a jolly annoying petering-out sort of way… perhaps they’ll pick it up again in a few more years. I hope so.

    I’d love to see that mourning fashion exhibition. It looks amazing in photos.

  • Raesha

    I absolutely ADORE Ripper Street….love love love that show. I agree that you would love Foyle’s War – the entire series is up on Netflix too which is awesome.

    • I’ve seen a few seasons of Foyle’s War but not many. It’s good though! I can’t wait for Ripper Street season three 🙂

  • Trisha

    I love the Royal Spyness series! How awesome!
    Three things for 2015:
    1. Finish most of my UFO (Unfinished, not little green men) projects before spring
    2. Make my first jacket
    3. Try embroidery and/or applique with beading
    And then squeeze in Spring for Cotton. I have just the pattern.

    • The book I have actually contains the first three books in the series, but I’m still working through the first one right now. I’m happy you’re on board with Spring For Cotton! Yay!

  • Elena Knits

    So excited for Spring for Cotton. Thank you for sharing your three things 🙂

  • jannapyj

    Yay for Three Things!!! I always love hearing what music you’re listening to, and of course all the other wonderful Three Things you share! :o)


    • Thanks! I’m glad you appreciate the music 🙂

  • Oooh, I really enjoy Rhys Bowen’s Royal Spyness series with Georgie…also love her Evan Evans series. Have you read Kerry Greenwood’s Phryne Fisher series at all? Sarah from Rhinestones and Telephones introduced me to her!

    • I’m utterly obsessed with the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries TV series and I’m saving the books so I can still get my Phryne fix after the show is no more lol! She’s such a great character!

  • Victoria Anderson

    That Pokeweed is a beautiful plant. I tried to make some dye from it this fall, but I think the ph of my water was off so it sadly didn’t stay. It makes an amazing color though. I read that during the civil war people used it as an ink for writing, it faded to brown.

    • That’s fascinating! I really want to learn how to use natural dyes some day. I know a woman who is really into it and she has this gigantic notebook full of swatches and formulas for colors. It’s so neat.

  • Jennifer H

    Love this post and all the links! Just checked the sweater coat – looks good, though I’m a way off doing anything like that yet…Haven’t heard of Murdoch Mysteries; will check it out. Here in the UK I recently loved watching ‘Grantchester’. Very gentle but gorgeous, the show and the hero (no matter that I’m old enough to be his mother) and oh the costumes! (50s). I adore your music choices. When I was about 10 I saw a trad jazz band and decided to learn the trombone; I keep meaning to get it out again (lucky neighbours!). I love 20s to 40s music. ‘I sew so I don’t kill people’ – bahaha! How true! One of my courses in my Archaeology degree was ‘mortuary behaviour’ – all about past rituals around death and burial ; ) I excavated a number of skeletons when I was an archaeologist in London. My eldest daughter is now at Uni doing Ancient History and a ‘Bodies, Bones and Burials’ module…runs in the family! Your pokeweed photo is stunning! What breed is Lucille? I’ve always loved those dogs and she sure looks adorable, but I’m a cat person, so hey for Nikko too!! Jen

    • You had me at excavated skeletons. SO COOL!!! When I was a little kid I wanted to be an archaeologist and I’d dig randoms holes in my yard hoping to uncover lost treasures. …I never did, I just made my parents mad lol!

      Lucille is an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier mixed with Mini Bull Terrier and a tad English Springer Spaniel thrown in there to keep it interesting 😉 I had her DNA tested through our Vet after I rescued her because I was curious. Pit Bull would be the easiest way to label her. I have four rescued cats and used to call myself a strictly cat person until I met Lucille. She’s kind of my soul mate with four legs.

  • Ami Lowden

    Said it before but I love these posts!! King Oliver- awesome! Totally plan on checking out Murdoch mysteries! Beautiful photos 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 You must check out Murdoch. I think you’ll really love it!

  • Piper

    Hurray for Spring for cotton! I’m so excited.

    • Yes!! I’m so excited that you’re excited!! 🙂

  • Murdoch Mysteries is awesome – and I’m not just saying that because I’m Canadian and it’s set in Toronto (filmed at many a location I know well from my six years there). I adore that it marries whit with intrigue and keeps things far less gory than most 21st century crime shows, while also having delightful fashions and very likable characters.

    ♥ Jessica

    • No I agree! It has all the workings of excellent television/characters/story without all the over-the-top borderline obnoxious blood and guts and over exposed skin lol. Not that I’m a prude, but some of those HBO shows border on pornographic. I like shows I can watch with my mom and not feel awkward bahaha!

  • The Goose Mother

    Elvis made the song famous, but Tony Joe White did the song originally. (to listen see here: I like the Tony Joe White’s version best. “Poke Sallet” had to be boiled, pouring off the water several times to remove the poison. Its taste is similar to spinach, or so I’m told. Nice photos! Lucille appears blissfully tuckerd out!!

    • That is a great version of the song! I’m not sure I’d trust myself to boil out all the poison and attempt to eat it. I think I’ll leave it off the dinner table and just admire it in the yard for it’s beauty 😉

      • scooter

        Great song, but poke sallet/salad probably refers not to pokeweed, but to poke, as in, the old-fashioned word for a sack or bag…meaning, you took a bag out to collect whatever greens/wild edibles were handy: poke salad! My great-granny served poke sallet, and said it just like that. 🙂

  • What a great photo of Lucille!!!

  • Lisette

    Oh boy, crazy dog lady sewing…too bad I just did all that sewing for them! HB definitely has that same hedgehog toy!
    I’ve never heard the Poke Salad Annie song! Pokeweed is poisonous after a certain point in its growth…I believe once it has turned pink. When it is just green shoots it is okay to eat, so you have to research where it is growing in order to pick it next year because when it is just shoots it doesn’t have a particularly distinctive look. I’m trying to get more into foraging this year 😉

    • Well you need to make something for yourself with a dog print, then! 😉 😉 I want to try and make Lucille and I something matching lol. I have a friend who does a lot of hiking/foraging. It’s amazing the stuff you can find! I used to live in Vermont and foraging for Fiddlehead Ferns was pretty big there.

  • Nikki

    Great photos! Hubby and I are huge fans of Murdoch mysteries and I’ve also got my youngest son (14) hooked on it. In the UK we get it on Alibi, Drama have also picked it up, season 8 started here on Monday 🙂 I also share your love of Historical morbidity and it seems I have passed it on to my daughter and youngest son too!! I am not to hot on joining in on sew-a-longs, but vintage and cotton – I nearly always sew with cotton – I just might be tempted!

    • Oooo I can’t wait to see season 8! I just finished season 7 over the weekend. I would love to have you join in on the sewing fun if you can be that tempted 😉

  • Your pup is so adorable (although I am team cat)! I love this installment. 3 is the perfect number, and thanks for all the great links! Murdoch Mysteries is going in my queue…

    • Thanks! I have 4 cats so I also play for team cat 😉 In fact, I used to call myself a strictly cat person until I found Lucille. She’s pretty much my soul mate with 4 legs. I also agree 3 is the perfect number. 3 and 13. Definitely watch Murchoch Mysteries! I think you’ll love it.

  • Guess I need to watch Murdoch Mysteries now, haha!!
    And yay! Can’t wait for the fall (spring??) for cotton sew along! =D

    • Yes you do, and yaaaaaayyyyy Spring/Fall For Cotton!

  • Ellen

    I love Murdoch, but Netflix only has first 3 seasons, and Amazon Dropped it from Prime. Still looking to find the remaining episodes. By the way, great pictures of your furry friends.

    • I watch via AcornTV! I think it’s only 4 or 5 dollars a month (after the free trial), which is totally worth it for me because they have so many of my favorite BBC shows, as well as 7 seasons of Murdoch 😉

  • Eeeee! I LOVE Murdoch Mysteries – 1890’s Toronto is right up my alley (I live near to Toronto). Have you watched Foyle’s War? You’d love it – a WWII Chief Detective trying to fight crime in a small seaside town. Excellent.

    OMG, Lucille in that photo is making me turn into a giant puddle. Man, your dog is so adorable!!

    • Yeah I love Foyle’s War too! Haven’t watched in a while though so I should revisit.

      And yeah, Lucille practically makes me die of cuteness overload on a daily basis.

  • I just recently found your blog. Lucille is so adorable! Great pictures and I hadn’t heard of the Crazy Dog Lady Challenge but I will definitely need to join in on that fun 🙂

    • Thanks, Kyla! Judging by your avatar I’d say the dog lady challenge would be perfect for you 🙂

  • Great round-up! Lovin’ those t-shirts!

  • Ahhh I need to go to that museum! That weirdness is right up my alley! Have you watched Agent Carter yet? Seems like something you would love. 🙂

    • Oh good, I’m glad someone else shares my love of historical morbidity lol! I haven’t seen Agent Carter yet but it looks really good!

  • I love Murdoch! Such a great show with great characters!

    • As much as William and Julia are super lovable, I think George Crabtree might be my very favorite. He’s awesome.

      • That’s what makes the show so great, though, all the characters have things you can love or hate depending on how you’re “supposed” to feel about them!

  • Claire

    I burnt through Murdoch mysteries at an embarrassing rate last winter when it was too cold to go outside. Now I cannot wait for warmer weather because my local fabric store just got a whole bunch of cotton and steel fabric in. It’s amazing!

  • I am sooooo into all those t-shirts you posted! Way cool.

    I guess I need to watch Murdoch Mysteries???