Three Things

Three Things v.3

January 30, 2015

I’ve decided to continue my “Three Things” installment since it’s rather fun for me to do little round-ups like this. I originally had the idea for these posts so I could share more of my own photography, at a time when I was blogging less frequently, and really only sharing finished projects with photos taken by my man companion, Wil. Well I’m proud to say that Wil has only taken photos for ONE blog post so far this year! Now that I have a tripod and a remote for my camera, I’m really interested in taking more of my own outfit photos and learning the camera on manual settings.

So, here are three photos I’ve taken along with some other things in a series of three. …just because.


Three projects I can’t wait to work on: The Factory Dress by Merchant and Mills, this Mimi G sweater coat, and the new Granville shirt pattern by Sewaholic.

Three TV shows I’ve been watching: Murdoch Mysteries, Murdoch Mysteries, Murdoch Mysteries. I’m burning through the seasons at an embarrassing rate, to the point where I’m having dreams about the characters bahaha! If it’s a murder mystery that takes place in a past era, I’m probably obsessed with it, and this one is no exception. I found the first season to be a little bland, but there’s a reason why they’re going on season 8 now (I think 8…). It’s one of my new favorites! So good!

Three songs stuck in my head: Cornbread and Butterbeans by Carolina Chocolate Drops, Rattlin’ Bones by Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and You Were Only Passing Time With Me by King Oliver and His Orchestra.

Three Sew-Alongs I’m excited about: The Crazy Dog Lady Sewing Challenge hosted by Carlee, Tanya, and Sophie-Lee (They have a really cute banner and some awesome prizes. Plus, I’m obviously a crazy dog lady so I might just have to join this one!). The Grainline Cascade Duffle Coat Sew-Along (I’m not going to lie, a 40 piece pattern sounds outrageously intimidating so I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s all put together) AND! Fall For Cotton (Spring for Cotton?) returning in March!! If you like vintage inspired sewing and cotton fabric, this is the sew-along for you 😉


Three web links I found interesting: The (Victorian) science of Ripper Street – this article lists how some of the deaths in the episodes are totally accurate for the time period, and probably even happened in real life.

Speaking of Victorian times, one of my dear friends lives in NYC and she told me the new Morbid Anatomy Museum just opened up in Brooklyn. Apparently you can take all sorts of weird classes like Anthropomorphic Taxidermy, which was all the rage during the Victorian Era. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t dying to visit the museum! That kind of weird stuff is right up my alley and my friend and I might even take one of the classes. I may be a complete lunatic but I have two words for you: Detective Mouse. …it’s pretty adorable.

Annnnddd since we’re talking about morbid things, my same friend also went to an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art called Death Becomes Her. It featured a century of mourning attire (from 1815 – 1915) and the photos I’ve seen of the dresses are amazing. Christine at Thread Cult has more photos and a podcast featuring the co-curator! A really neat interview. I enjoyed listening.

Three items on my wishlist: I’ve noticed a surge in adorable t-shirts from indie makers and these are no exception! Seriously, someone studied my life and then made these shirts – Stay Home Club, Drink Coffee… Pet Dogs, and I sew so I don’t kill people.

Three books on my to-read list: I started reading Her Royal Spyness last week and like it so far. Next on my list is Sergeant Stubby, and Fallen Beauty.


Photo 1: Lucille snoozin’ with her new Christmas toys.
Photo 2: Nikko being a snooty brat cat, as per usual.
Photo 3: Some American Pokeweed growing in my back yard (photo taken before winter hit, obviously). Have you heard the song Poke Salad Annie made famous by Elvis? That’s the “poke salad” referenced in the song! Apparently it’s quite poisonous if not prepared correctly. It’s pretty beautiful to look at though.

What are some of your “three things” lately?