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Carolyn Pajama Shorts

Happy Friday! A casual Friday, that is. You’ve seen the new Carolyn Pajama pattern by Closet Case Patterns, right? Well if you haven’t, and you live in lounge clothes like I do, I highly recommend checking it out. When Heather released the pattern I instantly fell in love with the blue shorts version she shows as a sample. It’s so cute!! I ended up buying the pattern within the week it was announced because I was getting frustrated with the fitting process on another pattern. When all else fails, and you just need to sew something, turn to PJs as a pick-me-up!


Usually I’m too attention deficit for PDF patterns, but I really love the way Heather laid this one out. I knew I only wanted to sew the shorts for now, and BAM! There they were as a separate file, all ready and waiting for me. Genius! Thank you, Heather! After my last post about being slightly disappointed that my favorite cool color tones aren’t as flattering on my warm skin (thank you all for your suggestions on that topic btw!), I decided not to swear off cool tones completely, but instead save them for future quilting projects and for fun pajamas!


Definitely measure yourself and trust the pattern sizing with the Carolyn pattern. I usually wear a size 0 in store bought clothing and modern indie patterns, but according to my hip measurement I fell closer to a size 4 with these shorts so that’s the size I went with. They fit perfectly!! They’re super comfortable but not frumpy looking. I even slept in them last night to test out just how comfy they are and …well, they’re perfect. I can’t wait to make another pair!


Remember the shirt I linked to in my latest Three Things post? Well the amazing people over at Culture Flock Clothing must have noticed I linked to them because they emailed me and offered to send me one! HELL YES!! I’ve been wearing it pretty much non stop since it arrived at my house. It’s my perfect shirt.


I didn’t have the 1.5″ elastic on hand, so at Heather’s recommendation I used a 1″ instead and topstitched a narrower channel within the waistband. It makes a really cute little ruffle at the top when you use that method and I think it just adds to the charm of the pattern. Adorable!

Okay okay, I know you’re dying to know where I got the skull/scissor fabric, and I hate to get your hopes up but it’s quite a few years old now and nearly impossible to find. It’s called “Quilt Pirates” by Michael Miller Fabrics if you want to try and track down some yardage on Etsy or eBay. Luckily you don’t need much at all to make these shorts! The dot fabric is just basic calico from Jo-Ann’s.


I actually have enough fabric left to make a second identical pair, which I’m going to do eventually, because my first attempt at a serged faux fly looks like 1,000 butts. It’s SO BAD. I made the mistake of not disengaging the knife so I almost hacked into the fly and completely ruined the whole thing. Luckily I stopped in time and managed to mend/finish the rest with a basic zig zag stitch. It was a close call though. Yikes!

I already posted a pic on instagram of when I JUST finished these shorts yesterday, but since then I’ve decided to add two cute little minty buttons, fix the fly topstitching a bit, and actually unpick the basting stitches. …I forgot until this morning.


The following photos are just for fun because I can’t help but be hammy with my animals! …my haminals? (That’s Lucille and Cat 1 0f 4: Karl)






I definitely plan to make more Carolyn shorts sooner than later. In fact, I have a review coming up for Organic Cotton Plus and the fabric I picked is a really fantastic hemp linen! I’m currently dying it and finalizing a design to try a little block printing border action. Hopefully they turn out like I see them in my head! I’ll find out soon…

Have an excellent weekend and Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow!


…honestly, I couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day. Wil and I will probably watch Lord of the Rings and eat take-out in bed with our tiny zoo, and not get each other presents unless it’s food related. Yep, six years together and going strong lol

  • susan

    Pretty shorts with such cute fabric!
    The three of you on your bed also look like one big happy family!

  • Lisette

    I’m so glad you jumped right on this! I was eyeing them because I’ve finally tossed all my polyester/acrylic pajamas and I’ve not got much left. And what is left is falling apart! So at some point I need to sew some pajamas and it looks like these are it. They are so charming, it is a great print mashup. Lucille is so pretty! I can never thank you enough for inspiring us to look at pibbles.
    Also, I just happen to have a video tutorial on how to serge a fly! It isn’t super high quality, but I think it will be helpful. I developed it while making five? six? pairs of boxers in a row with fly openings.

  • Wholey cow those are key-ute lady!! As everyone else has mentioned, I LOVE the fabric 🙂

  • Total PJ (and critter bedfellow) cuteness! I love that whimsical skull + scissor print fabric. I sort of want an entire wardrobe of garments in it now. 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

  • jannapyj

    I was totally going to ask about the fabric, thanks for answering that question in advance! :o)

    Quilt Pirates” by Michael Miller

  • I think you have convinced me that I need to make a pair of these ASAP!!!! I seriously need shorts, it’s been so hot and I don’t have any! And that first picture of Karl hahha he looks so ticked!!!

  • Elena Knits

    Your pajama shorts are adorable! I should make myself a pair soon. I’ve already printed the pdf so it shouldn’t take long.

    We don’t celebrate St. Valentine’s either. We’ve been together for 7 years and honestly, St. Valentine is just everyday.

  • What great shorts! I’m totally going to go and get that pattern right now.

    • Thanks! And you totally should. They’re fantastic 🙂

  • Amelia

    Hello There! Such cute shorts you have sewn! And I love the tshirt…I love the tshirt so much that I ordered one too after you shared the neat tshirts the other day. I could so relate to them! I’ve lurked here for a while enjoying your sewing projects and your recommends too. : )

    We have a pittie also, named Buddy and 5 other doglets…and 4 kitlets …and 5 hens.

    Our family lives in the Forest too, and that includes our daughters as well..who also enjoy your blog here as I show them your cute projects and real thoughts. I sew too, and experiment a bit with that.

    Your pittie material is so cute as well, I adore it and one day I’m going to have to get me some of that! : )

    Blessings! ~Amelia

    • Hi Amelia,

      Thank you so much for such a sweet comment! Sounds like you’re living a pretty magical life in the woods surrounded by creativity, nature, and lots of fur/feathers. Is there anything better than that? In my opinion, I don’t think so. xo

      p.s. Lucille says to tell Buddy that she says hi 😉

  • These are so cute on you!

  • melli

    To me this sounds like a perfect Valentine’s day!! 😀

    • I rather thought so! I honestly did watch Lord of the Rings lol Well, two of the movies. The extended editions are 4 hours each so it pretty much took up my whole day bahah! 😉

  • Angela

    LOVE LOVE both shorts and dog!!

  • The contrasting lining & trim on the shorts looks great 🙂 It looks like Lucille likes them too!

    • Thank you! Lucille likes anything that involves lounging or beds or sleeping 😉

  • Just lovely!!

    Gorgeous combination of cute pattern and super awesome fabric!!


  • charlotte

    totally love love love!

  • These are lovely. I am so with you on making pyjamas when all the other projects refuse to work! Lynne

    • Thank you! I’m excited to make more jammies 🙂

  • Issabella The Cat

    Your shorts are really lovely, is a surger called for in the pattern or do you think I could fudge it with my trusty (So not trusty!) sewing machine? Our Valentines will be similar to yours, takeout and a supernatural box set with a small cat chaperoning!

    • Thank you! And no, you certainly don’t *need* a serger for these. There are other seam finishes that will work just fine 🙂

      P.s. I love Supernatural! …and cat chaperoning.

  • Your Valentine’s Day sounds like the way to go. If it were 15 or 20 degrees warmer in my house, I would be envious of those PJ shorts. I mean, I am envious of them no matter what, but until I get my new heater….

    • My room is actually a bit on the freezing side too (if you couldn’t tell by my tall socks and purple leg tinge in some of these shots lol). Hope your new heater comes soon!! Or maybe Spring should come faster 😉

  • Chantel McSkimming

    Such happiness, pretty sewing, beautiful lady, precious pup, cute cat! all good 🙂 thank you!

  • These are adorable Rochelle!! Seriously – I love them! And those socks rock!

    • Thank you!! Can’t wait to see yours finished 🙂

  • This shorts pattern looks like it would be so comfortable. These photos are definitely a day-brightener at the end of a long week!

    My husband and I are cooking dinner and then watching the second half of Broadchurch (British) together for Valentine’s Day. I think it’s perfection. 🙂

    • Oh I’ve heard of Broadchurch! I can’t remember if I saw it on Netflix or Acorn… I’ll have to look it up. I need a new show to obsess over 😉

      • It’s on Netflix. There’s the British version that came out first and then the American version that came out this past year. Both star David Tennant. My husband and I are watching the British version right now. It’s only about 8 episodes long. Dramatic, but so good! 🙂

  • Beth

    Aww, minty buttons and skulls with scissors, the perfect combo! And that shirt is genius, and it is you, or it is the you I think you are through your blog, haha! Which is probably you, I’m thinking. I digress, shorts are very cute. I think the cool colors are doing all kinds of great things for those legs. I’m sure Wil would agree. Happy Valentine’s Day to both of you and the furry kids, too! It sounds like you have an excellent day planned!

    • Thank you so much! Yeah I’d say the shirt pretty much sums me up 😉

      With the grey/purple fabric and slightly cold room temperature, my legs are actually looking a bit on the cool side lol!

  • Sarah Koch

    haha 1,000 butts. If they were nice butts that wouldn’t be so bad.

    • So true. I guess I should have said “1,000 not so nice/teetering on the edge of gross butts”.

  • So cute! And you look so happy. Bed, animals, books, pjs, and partner – that’s the good life! We’ve got a 3 day weekend here, and I’m looking forward to all of those things! (Oh, and it’s out 6 year dating-aniversary today! Yay for 6 years, and romance in the form of making every day awesome, not just once a year! 🙂

    • Aww happy date-iversary! Here’s to a perfect weekend 🙂

  • YAYAYYAYAYAYYAYAYAYY!!!! I love these so much!!!!!! You’re the cutest. Ever.

    Also, I never disengage the knifey thingy. I just kinda fold everything up and outta the way. I sewed like a bazillion flys over the last few months so I think I got a handle on it.

    • Thank you!!! 🙂

      I actually don’t even know how to disengage the knife so it’s easy for me to more or less forget lol. I guess I just need practice!