In Honestly

make things…

Just a quick post today because I’m coming out of a stressful weekend/week and was reminded how important it is to slow down and take care of yourself. I kicked the weekend off in the emergency room (not me directly, and my family is all totally fine now) and left with a hefty reminder that simple things like a proper diet and a bit of exercise are not to be taken for granted.


I definitely did a fair amount of stress sewing this weekend (and even a tiny bit of knitting) and have two completed dresses to show for it which I’ll share more of soon. It’s funny how my wrists/arms felt pretty darn good the past few days, even with all the sewing I was doing, but now that I’m back at my laptop that twinge in the crook of my elbow is back. It’s clear now that I really need to find a new routine for sharing things via the computer if I want to kick this tendinitis/tennis elbow/whatever-it-is for good. I’ve stopped filtering all my photos (I used to like vintage-y/warming filters a lot), so eliminating Photoshop except for re-sizing things has been a great start to the cut back on my computer time. I’m trying to remember quality over quantity for blog post frequency, and I’ve been looking into using my phone for dictation, though talking to Siri has been …amusing, to say the least. Why does she like to capitalize random things?!


Don’t worry, I’m still all smiles and things are back on the up and up so I’ll have some fun, less Debbie Downer topics to share this month. Topics like: my two new dresses, including my completed block printed dress (which I shared a peek of on instagram) and the three Victory Optical frames I picked from my last review! AND! SPRING FOR COTTON kicking off later this month!! (Spring for Cotton as in Fall for Cotton except it’s not Fall anymore lol, which will be much more laid back and self directed on account of my need to step back from the computer as previously stated. It will still be a fun sew-along though, I promise).

So, yeah.

Eat right. Take a walk. Slow it down. Take a breath. Read a book. Make things… like dresses, and decent meals, and time for family.