Spring For Cotton – a group sewing challenge

March 20, 2015

Hello there! Today, I am excited. If you participated in the 2013 Fall For Cotton sewing challenge, then you might like what I have in store for you now – A new group sew-along!


What is Spring For Cotton? It’s a self guided, non-competitive, vintage inspired sewing challenge. Choose a decade (1920s – 70s) and sew a garment inspired by that era. The challenge is, you can ONLY use 100% cotton! Why? Well, I like cotton fabric and old things. Made sense to me 😉

Who can sew along? Anyone who wants to! All skill levels and types of vintage enthusiast are welcome and encouraged. You don’t have to have a blog, but if you’ve always wanted to start one, now would be a good excuse to do so (that’s actually how I entered the world of sewing blogs – Sew Colette!).


What can I sew? Any garment inspired by a vintage era (1920s – 1970s). Previously in Fall For Cotton, people have made exact reproductions of vintage garments using vintage fabric and patterns, and others have used a vintage reproduction pattern with modern prints. Make whatever inspires you to learn more about your chosen era! Recreate an outfit from an old movie or catalog, or maybe there’s a costume from a TV series that’s calling your name! Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Call the Midwife, Bomb Girls, or Mad Men ring any bells for you? Maybe there’s a reproduction pattern from one of the Big Four companies that you’ve been dying to make, but have yet to have an occasion. Well this is it!


So what’s the catch? Your fabric choice is limited to 100% cottons only. Quilting cottons are the obvious go-to, but you can also use denim, twill, flannel, voile, lawn, corduroy, swiss dot, sateen, poplin, seersucker – anything that’s cotton! Using polyester notions like zippers and thread is okay, but try to get creative and use cotton linings and trims wherever possible. This is a challenge, after all 😉


Where do I join? Our official meeting place is in the Spring For Cotton Flickr Group. That’s where you can introduce yourself, share your inspirations, add photos of your progress, meet fellow sewers, and get help on your projects as you work through them. It’s really a great platform for a challenge like this and we have a lot of fun there. Fall For Cotton had almost 300 members and over 600 photos! However, if you don’t have Flickr and prefer not to sign up, you can use the hashtag #springforcotton on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to join in on the fun and connect with new friends. Note – If you’d like your project to be featured in the project parade video (like this one!), you’ll need to upload your photos to Flickr, pretty please!


What’s the time frame? The challenge kicks off today and ends on April 30th, 2015. Photo submissions for the project parade video will need to be uploaded to the Flickr pool before April 30th, end of day.

What’s the format? This is a self guided challenge, but I will be posting fabric and pattern inspiration/shopping links to help you get started, as well as some tips for working with vintage patterns and things of that nature. As a general guideline, start gathering supplies and plotting your projects this month, with a plan to start sewing by April 1st so you have a solid month to complete your project.


Are there any changes from your previous sew-alongs? Yes. This year there won’t be any giveaways or discounts or sponsors. No gimmicks. No incentives. Sew because you love it, on a deadline because you need it. …at least I do! I want this to be fun and stress free. Just sewing, making new friends, and creating beautiful things while honoring our favorite bygone eras. Simple.

Also, please choose only one outfit to submit for the project parade video. Some Super Star Sewers out there made multiple outfits for Fall For Cotton, which is amazing!!, but it makes it difficult for me to fit everything in. I strive to feature one outfit from every single person who completes their garment, so basically everyone gets one slide. You are encouraged to upload multiple photos! I’ll get more specific about photo submissions as time goes on…

Examples of past project videos – Sew For Victory 2013, Fall For Cotton 2013, Sew For Victory 2014.


Any questions? Please feel free to leave a comment below if you’d like me to explain something further 🙂

Are you ready? Let’s do this! Join the Flickr group, use that #springforcotton hashtag, and grab a button to display on your blog. Ask your friends to join in, the more the merrier! Don’t be shy 😉 I can’t wait to sew along with you!

Spring For Cotton Button – 300 px wide

Spring for Cotton

Code for 300px button, copy and paste this in your sidebar.

Spring For Cotton Button – 200 px wide


Code for 200px button, copy and paste this in your sidebar.

Stay tuned for lots of fabric and pattern inspiration coming on Monday and Wednesday! I’m also working on a Spring For Cotton Pinterest board, a desktop calendar and a playlist to sew along to 😉