A whole lotta nothin’

April 14, 2015

Radio silence on my blog usually means I have nothing to write about. And by “nothing” I mean no finished projects to share (which is my favorite part of blogging). Sometimes sewing is slow and boring and tedious. Really, really tedious.


Sometimes I’ll sew for days and days and only have bodice muslins to show for it (now I remember why I only made loose fitting tunics all winter). Sometimes my kitchen counter has seen more pattern pieces and tracing paper than food items during the week.


Sometimes I want to stop and blog so I have an excuse to not sew a fourth version of the same bodice muslin. Sometimes I ramble and share photos because I have a whole lotta nothin’ to really say.


But soon, soon I will have a finished project to share and hopefully all this nothing will turn into something really great.

Sometimes you just have to document the nothing so the something feels extra worth it when it’s done.