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Reel Time Quilted Knitting Bag

April 17, 2015

Remember when I said I’d have a finished project to share soon? Well I’m back with a different project than I was originally working on, but today is my Reel Time Blog Tour date and I wanted to finish something to share with you besides just the fabric. I really enjoy blog tours (as I’ve said many, many times before). Getting to test out the latest quilting cottons with a deadline in mind is really fun for me. …even though this time it was a deadline that nearly ended in disaster!


When Brigitte, the woman behind Zen Chic, contacted me looking for quilters to sew with her new line for Moda, I said Yes Please! even though I’m primarily a garment sewer. The collection is called Reel Time and when I saw the preview I was drawn to the versatile geometric prints and the wide variety of colors.


I wasn’t exactly sure how much yardage I’d receive so it was a bit of a surprise when a full Reel Time layer cake showed up on my doorstep. That’s 42 pre-cut squares of fabric, 10 x 10 inches in size. I’m sure I had the Deer In The Headlights look as the garment sewer in me mulled over what to make with so many little squares.


My original plan was to sew a dress and use the layer cake to cut out some floral/leaf motifs for this semi-elaborate appliqué treatment to the neckline and skirt hem. …it was a disaster from the start! Long story short, absolutely nothing was working out according to plan (i.e. couldn’t get the dress to fit, couldn’t make the right size motifs, …couldn’t actually do any appliqué etc etc), and by yesterday afternoon I was borderline full panic mode as I sat with no finished project in sight and less than 24 hours to write about Reel Time.


The one thing keeping me sane was the fact that I wasn’t obligated to share a finished project, only photos of the fabric itself, but I wasn’t going to let my Delusions of Floral Appliqué Grandeur get the better of me. No way! I sat moping at my sewing table, staring at those squares of fabric while trying not to freak out. The power of Zen (Chic!) must have been on my side because a moment of enlightenment soon hit me like a ton of bricks.


The conversation in my head went something like this: “What can I make for the Reel Time Blog Tour. …Reel Time …film reels …black and white …movie motifs …the collection is all about movies …I love movies! What do I also love that I tend to do as I watch movies? I knit! Knitting! I SHOULD MAKE A QUILTED KNITTING BAG!!!” Duh! Why couldn’t I think of that a week ago?!


I may have even shot one index finger up into the air in the classic Eureka! manner as I came to this conclusion. After a fresh cup of coffee, and indeed finding my zen, I cranked out this bag in just a few hours. I definitely text my friend Erin and demanded an air high-five for my accomplishments when I was done 😉


Even though I was originally drawn to the green and orange prints in the collection, I ultimately went with the classic black and white look in honor of my favorite old black and white films (like Arsenic and Old Lace!). I used a variation of the bag pattern I designed back in 2012 (when I sold items at craft fairs regularly) and looked to my Hop, Skip, Jump quilt for the inspiration on how to free-hand cut the strips and piece everything together.


I love a good knitting bag. They were a staple accessory for the mid-century crafter and I’m excited to add a Lucky Lucille Original to my vintage collection 😉 I’m SO pleased with how everything turned out, especially knowing how much love I’ll get out of this project bag, and also knowing how nearly I didn’t have a project at all!


Well there’s nothing left to do now but RELAX (finally) and kick off the weekend with a good movie and my knitting! Don’t worry though, I’m not going to let that dress pattern get the better of me even though the appliqué is a lost cause. I’ll finish it in time for Spring For Cotton! That’s another deadline that’s quickly approaching…


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p.s. I’ll leave you with an outtake of Lucille being a ridiculous ham dog, as per usual. She did that to herself haha! Luckily she stayed put long enough to snap a picture. You’re welcome 😉