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Hollyburn Broken Arrows Skirt

May 18, 2015

Have you ever had a sewing project go SO well that you really don’t have a lot to say about it? I feel like I haven’t had a project like that in a really long time (maybe ever?!), but the Sewaholic Hollyburn just changed everything. I love this skirt. So much. I’m going to marry it. You’re all invited to the wedding. The End.


Just kidding, but now that I know how much I adore this skirt I wish I would have bought it when it first came out. Somehow I sort of missed that train, though. I kept seeing versions of Hollyburn pop-up from all corners of the internet and every time I’d say “That’s so cute!” but for some reason I never saw it for what it is…


And that is: My new favorite, ultra flattering, super versatile, “TNT” wardrobe staple that’s been missing from my wardrobe since the dawn of time. No seriously. I should kick myself in my own face for not buying this pattern sooner.


It fits me perfectly right out of the envelope with not a single adjustment needed. That has NEVER happened to me before. Ever. It’s the right suggested size with the right amount of ease. It’s a breeze to sew, the instructions are clear (though honestly I didn’t really read them, but the parts I did skim were extremely thorough) AND! perhaps the best feature of this skirt (obviously due to my personal preferences) – the shape works beautifully with a quilting cotton! All of my dreams just came true!!! (Queue Wedding March in 3… 2… 1…)


Speaking of quilting cotton, this fabric is really fantastic. The print is called Arrows and it’s from the Spring 2014 Mustang collection for Cotton & Steel. It has gold metallic dots! Need I say more?! I really can’t rave about Cotton & Steel enough. Not only because I’ve been a Melody Miller Fangirl for years and she can do no wrong in my eyes, but also because the quality and weight of the fabric is superb, in my humble opinion.


One thing I do need to work on is my centered zipper insertion! Aside from this year, I don’t think I’ve sewn a plain ol’ centered zipper since 2012(ish) and it shows a bit. My favorite type of zipper is a lapped zipper and I got pretty good at doing those (which is bound to happen when it’s the only type you do!), so it was a tiny pang to my sewing confidence when I realized I’m not as good at doing standard zippers. …I actually ripped this one out and tried it a second time before I finished the skirt. Oh well, practice makes perfect practice so maybe this will be the year of the centered zipper for me.


Aside from that, this skirt includes all my usual favorites: One million colors, a wild print, quilting cotton, bias tape, pockets, vintage inspired fit – it’s all there! Since 2012 I’ve been longing for a “TNT” pattern. A “tried and true, perfect fit, sew-a-million-times” pattern and so far 2015 has been the year of those. Add Hollyburn to the top of that list!


 Outfit Details:
Hat – All Day Beret pattern
Tank Top – Old Navy
Cardigan – J. Crew (stolen from my mom)
Skirt Pattern – Hollyburn by Sewaholic
Skirt Fabric – Arrows by Melody Miller
Glasses – Tang c/o Victory Optical
Shoes – Eww. I need a new pair.


Knowing how much I love this skirt, and how much I love the bodice on the last dress I made, the only logical thing to do next would be to combine the two for the most flattering, well fit dress I’ve ever sewn in the history of ever. Don’t be surprised if that’s the next sewing project that graces this space 😉 😉


(me and my Maid of Honor, nbd)

Okay so I guess I do have a lot to say about this skirt, but that’s because “Hollyburn. Best. Skirt. Ever” probably wouldn’t have been the most engaging blog post I could have come up with.

Have you sewn a Hollyburn? Are you also in love with it?! …did I mention I’m in love with it?

I’m in love with it.


p.s. I made some changes to my website over the weekend since there have been concerns/complaints (many of them my own) about bugs and broken pages in certain browsers. Super simple layouts = easy fixes! Things should look familiar enough but less break-y this time around…