Modified Butterick B6094

May 30, 2015

On Friday I shared my latest sewing project on the Sew Sweetness blog for Sara’s fantabulous month-long Dress Up Party Review/Giveaway event! I made a modified version of Butterick B6094, which is one of Gertie’s newer vintage-inspired dress patterns featuring super adorable fold-over panels at the back. If you’d like to read the full details on the pattern and fabric, then hop on over to Sara’s blog to read my full post. If, however, you’d like to see what my face looks like the moment a hummingbird tries to attack it, then by all means, continue reading…

Yeah I thought so 😉


Taking my own photos with a tripod/remote and timer has been a lot of fun, and quite humorous at times. Especially when I’m standing on my back porch, minding my own business and taking selfies, when all of the sudden I hear what sounds like the buzzing of an epically gigantic insect in close proximity to my head. I flinched and looked to the sound, fully expecting to be horrified at what might be buzzing a mere foot from my face…


To my extreme relief, I looked up to find the source of the buzzing sound was actually the wings of a hummingbird! He hovered there for a few seconds before flying off, leaving me to laugh hysterically at myself for how terrified I was in that moment (a moment my camera happened to catch perfectly). I can’t stop laughing at my own face! You guys, for a second I literally thought I might be killed by a mutant bee…


Those three photos are in the exact sequence as I downloaded them off my camera, which is a rather solid gold series of shots if I do say so myself. You can thank the hummingbird for this lovely piece of comedic entertainment. I picture the hummingbird had a buddy who dared him to try and scare me all like,

Dude, I dare you to dive-bomb that girl’s face. Yeah look at her, just standing there taking pictures of herself.

(laughing quite hard at the idea)
Yeah okay, watch this!

(dive-bombs unsuspecting sewing blogger)

(returns to hummingbird one, laughing uncontrollably)
OMG Dude did you see her flinch?! The look on her face!!

Yeah Bro you got her good!!!

(literally ROFL)
(high fives all around)


I’m going to regret sharing that photo as soon as someone searches “Butterick 6094 Dress” on Google Images and sees my utterly ridiculous face come up in the results bahahaha! (The things I do for you, Erin!!)


As I mentioned, you’ll read more about the modifications I made to this pattern when you see my full post on Sara’s blog, but the biggest change I made is swapping out the original full circle skirt for a Sewaholic Hollyburn! I LOVE IT. HOLLYBURNS ON EVERYTHING!!!1


Soooooo yeah, more photos and info on my Modified Butterick B6094 dress, here!


p.s. many people asked on instagram about my new bangs and they’re clip-ins! No shame. I love the look of Bettie Bangs but my natural hair is way too fine and wavy to make them work (trust me, I tried once). So what do I do when I want something I can’t have? I go ahead and have it anyway 😉