Some sneak peeks and weekend WIPs…

May 15, 2015

I always share a lot of sneak peeks and work-in-progress pictures on instagram because it’s so convenient and I really enjoy posting tiny photos of my sewing process, but it’s nice to do a little carry-over recap every once in a while. I feel like I’ve had a drive to sew more than ever before, and I’m sure part of that is because I’m finally starting to get a grasp on what I like to sew and why.


I am still on track with Me Made May, even though I lost interest in taking daily outfit selfies after Day Three. I signed up for some very personal reasons, and so far keeping a daily MMM journal has been so much more meaningful/impactful for me than an iPhone bathroom mirror shot. I’ve had so many self discovery moments during MMM already, but I’ll save that all for another post.

In other news: I did a little selfless sewing and made my mom some fleece lined golf club covers for Mother’s Day, I’ve been hanging out with my animals more than other humans (as per usual), I FELL IN LOVE with the Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt (full post coming on Monday!), I bought some new fabric (also as per usual), and I’m looking forward to finishing my project for Sara Lawson’s Dress Up Party.

So that’s just a quick little recap of what’s been happening lately in between blog posts ๐Ÿ™‚

What are you working on this weekend?