Announcing The VIFPMCW Sewing Challenge

June 9, 2015

So I had a request to start a Flickr group for anyone who wanted to sew their own 4-piece wardrobe like I mentioned in my last post. I thought that was a rather good idea, so here it is! The Vintage Inspired Four Piece Mini Capsule Wardrobe challenge, or VIFPMCW for short. …and if you’ve never seen the movie Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs then “Viffpuhmuhqwuh” as an acronym will not be funny to you at all …but I happen to be a secret 85 year old five year old, so I happen to love that movie and happen to giggle uncontrollably inside whenever I picture Flint Lockwood say “VIFPMCW” out loud (Here’s a link to the movie scene I’m talking about if you want in on the joke).


So anyways, if you’d like to sew your own Vintage Inspired Four Piece Mini Capsule Wardrobe then I encourage you to join the Flickr group! Share your inspiration photos, any moodboards that you make, your pattern and fabric choices, and of course, your four finished pieces! Like Marie’s Vintage Pattern Pledge, there is no deadline to this challenge, it’s ongoing, so you can take your time and join in whenever you feel like it. That’s right, NO. DEADLINE.

The general idea is to sew two tops and two bottoms that are meant to mix and match perfectly. You don’t have to use 1950s patterns, we’re just using that time period as inspiration.

Here are some more authentic examples from the 1950s …you know, for research-ical purposes.


P.S. has the most glorious (and complete!) collection of Sears Catalogs EVER. I can’t link to them directly because they load in a flash type slideshow thing, but if you have a membership and search “Sears” you can follow the rabbit hole of links and find them. And when you do, don’t hate me for the amount of hours you lose browsing them! *I’ve read through their disclaimers multiple times trying to make 100% sure I’m not breaking any rules when sharing these images,  and if I’ve interpreted them correctly, it’s okay as long as you’re using/sharing the images for research purposes only. Which, we are.


Here are my four-piece plans, again (more in depth info in my earlier post, here). I’m happy to report my first piece is done! I’m going to have to do some serious google-ing on “How to photograph red things better”. Sheesh. Who let me pick blazing red fabric?! That’s one pair of shorts down, one skirt and two tops left to go!


If you’d like to sew-along with me and create your own Vintage Inspired Four Piece Mini Capsule Wardrobe, then grab a button and join the Flickr group and let’s get to it! …but in a no pressure kind of way since there’s no deadline or time limit. Oh, and I’ll be sharing your makes on twitter and things so make sure you use the hashtag #VIFPMCW (…Viffpuhmuhqwuh hahaha!) so I can find you.

Just pick two bottoms, two tops, two coordinating fabrics and have fun 🙂

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