Cynthia Rowley Shorts – Simplicity 1371

July 15, 2015

I probably picked the worst day to blog about a pair of shorts, since it’s been raining, it’s windy, and it’s freezing, but Hey! New shorts! A cold windy day makes for a good opportunity to wear my new super ridiculous…ly adorable cat stockings though, so I guess today was a good day to wear shorts after all!


The pattern is Simplicity 1371 designed by Cynthia Rowley and I’m super happy with the fit. Surprisingly, I made no major adjustments! I cut a straight size 4* and the only changes I made were to the waistband and the zipper (and those were style changes not fitting changes). I never get that lucky with sewing! I swear if I’m not making 8 muslins I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. #sewingproblems #thestruggleisreal

(edit* – I should mention my actual measurements are a size 8/10 but I cut a 4 based on the finished measurements and my preferred wearing ease.)


Though I did no fitting, I did have to do some creative cutting to get all my pieces to fit. I was attempting to work just from the leftovers after cutting out my VIFPMCW Hollyburn and the yardage evaporated quickly. There’s a seam running through the inside of my pockets (eh hem, because I cut them wrong and then tried to fix it) but it doesn’t make them any less functional. If anything it just makes me feel slightly smug, like “Hey good job, you. Way to mess up make do and mend!” – I like those little secrets in sewing projects.


The fabric I used is a lighter weight cotton twill by Robert Kaufman. I really love the way this fabric feels, it’s a great summer weight, but I am rather disappointed with how much the color ran in the wash. I know bright reds (Tomato red in this case) are tricky to make truly colorfast, but still, I prefer not to have to sort my laundry. It won’t stop me from buying this exact same fabric again (in fact I plan on it), but I’ll have to be less lazy with my laundry sorting habits when I do so I don’t ruin more socks.


I think the pattern calls for an invisible zipper but I went for a centered zip instead. On my next pair I’d like to try an exposed zipper since I keep seeing them pop up online and I like the look! Megan Nielsen has a great exposed zipper tutorial on her blog which I’ve bookmarked for future reference.

Alright you guys, the last time I shared a pair of shorts there were many readers who were disappointed with the lack of butt shots (of all things lol!). I can understand that though, honestly. Pattern envelopes can be deceiving and I too like to see all angles of a finished garment before I sew it myself. Soooooo… butt shots, I will deliver. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Children, shield your eyes!



Outfit Details:
Shirt – Grainline Archer
Shorts – Simplicity 1371
Sweater – Awesome21
Cat Stockings – AM Landen
Shoes – stolen from my mom
Headscarf – Thrift Store
Glasses – c/o Victory Optical
(20% off all frames with code LUCKY20)


I’ve been wearing my Archer shirts constantly since Me Made May, and the fact that I haven’t sewn one since last year is utter madness. I’m going to remedy that soon! I originally picked the Sewaholic Granville for one of the pieces in my VIFPMCW ensemble but I might have to swap it for Archer. I like Archer. It fits. It’s comfortable. It ain’t broke so why fix it, right?


Speaking of the VIFPMCW Challenge, these shorts are my first completed piece! My matching Hollyburn skirt is 80% done but I made the mistake of stopping and moving things before I got the waistband on, and now I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Anywhere! I think I may have accidentally thrown it away with the scraps… Oh no, I guess I’ll have to buy more fabric then. Geeze, what a terrible, terrible thing (said no seamstress ever).


One more butt shot and then your eyes can recover 😉

Seriously though, CAT STOCKINGS. They make my life better. Things have been pretty gloomy in the life department lately (I’m not talking about just the weather), and when things get gloomy I like to dye my hair fun colors and wear ridiculous things like cat stockings (and run. I’ve started running). It’s a surefire way to feel better and keep the darkness at bay.

Sewing really bright red things definitely helps too. It’s a great power color. Tiger Woods knows what’s up.