Sneak Peeks, Repeats, and Favorite Mistakes

July 29, 2015

Just a quick post today (because it’s way too hot to have a hot laptop on my lap) so I can share a little peek of what I’ve been working on. Well, one of the many things I’ve been working on. It’s an outfit that came to be by way of chance. …or fate (thank you, Celestial Fabric Wizards of Old) and I have to say, I’m pretty excited with how it’s coming together.

I’m working with another super ridiculous …ly adorable print featuring Harajuku critters, sporting various accessories. It’s a fabric by Sarah Watts for Cotton & Steel that I bought months and months ago and hadn’t the slightest idea what would become of it. It wasn’t until I bleached some tonal stripe denim, then over-dyed it, that I realized it now had the perfect coordinate for an outfit.

What you’re looking at is another Hollyburn Skirt and Tiny Pocket Tank. The skirt is completely finished (OMGLOVEIT!!), but the tank still needs a hem and armhole binding. What makes the skirt “extra special” is the fact that the zipper/waistband is actually a mistake!


No seriously. I tried an exposed zipper for the first time, making things up as I went along (as “smart” people do), and it ended up way too low on the waistband to be properly functional. Heh. Smart.

So rather than rip everything out and try again, I decided to wing it and turn my mistake into a “style opportunity”, as so many of you lovingly called it on Instagram. I’ll tell ya what, I make A LOT of style opportunities in sewing, but this one is most definitely my favorite! EVER! It’s not the cleanest finish on the inside, but I think the vintage buttons I used might have contained magical powers. It’s the only thing that makes logical sense after seeing how well everything just worked out!

What’s your favorite “style opportunity” on a past sewing project?