Tiny Pocket(less) Tank in 1930s Repro Fabric

July 22, 2015

I’ve been meaning to make some really simple woven tank tops for ages now, and I don’t know why I waited this long to finally do it because the Tiny Pocket Tank by Grainline Studio is a serious summer staple! Now that I’ve made a few fitting changes to the pattern, this is definitely going in my “TNT” drawer and will be made again and again. …and again.


The fabric I used has been in my stash since last October and I bought because I loved the print, but had no idea what I’d ever use it for. But hey, it’s got little dogs on it so naturally it was coming home with me! I look much better in deep eggplant purples, but this print has a few other colors sprinkled in that make it fun to coordinate with warmer solids, like bright golden yellow (one of my favorites! Well, second to mustard yellow but I digress).


As I mentioned, I did make some fitting adjustments to this pattern to accommodate all my Lady Turtle issues (rounded upper back, forward sloping narrow shoulders, swayback, etc). Since I already had a sleeveless dress pattern that I made endless adjustments to (and pretty much perfected the fit on), I decided to trace that pattern over the Tiny Pocket Tank and blend them together for an easy custom fit.


In spirit it’s still a Tiny Pocket Tank, but in fairness I did alter every. single. seam. on the pattern (pretty minimally, though) in order to get a fit I was super happy with. Luckily, Jen at Grainline makes beautiful, well drafted patterns so I had an excellent base point to make my adjustments! I made one muslin from the original pattern then traced my mash-up version to make this wearable muslin, which is completely and perfectly wearable, though I think I will shorten my bust darts by a half inch next time if I’m being overly picky.


Adding darts to the back neckline was really the only thing I needed to do to my muslin, but rather than pinch fabric out, pin, mark, and retrace on the same muslin, I did what I thought was easiest and blended my pattern with Jen’s. It was a shortcut that really worked out well and resulted in a fantastic fit (if I do say so myself) on only the second try. I’ll take that!


Outfit Details:
Tank – Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank
Jeans – American Eagle
Sweater – J. Crew
Headscarf – Thrift Store
Glasses – c/o Victory Optical
(20% off all frames with code LUCKY20)


Okay now back to the fabric – I love it! The little dogs remind me of a 1930s version of Spunky from Rocko’s Modern Life (I used to love that show!). Toy Box III is the name of the collection (by Sara Morgan for Blue Hill Fabrics) and it must be out of print now because I’m not finding an online shop who carries it, sorry! If you have your heart set on finding it, maybe Etsy or eBay will have results? Speaking of fabric, I wish I had a little piece of yellow and white striped cotton to use for the tiny pocket because that would have been adorable! I might actually go back and do that later but I’m not sure yet.


I have a ton of super busy cotton prints in my stash that feel a weeeeee bit too crazy to wear a lot of (like on a whole dress or button-up shirt), so a woven tank like this is really the perfect match! You can pair it with a solid cardigan and some jeans and that really tones everything down. …not that I have ANY problem wearing large chunks of utterly ridiculous prints, in fact I’m probably known for that, but sometimes you just want to wear a smaller amount of cutesy kiddie dogs. …or unicorns (um yes, unicorns will be on my next Tiny Pocket Tank).


I go through phases where I want absolutely nothing to do with jeans, and then other times when I wear the same pair for four days in a row. Currently I’m on a days-in-a-row jeans kick. I think you have to be in the right mood/mindset to tackle a project like sewing your own jeans, but I DID buy the Ginger pattern pretty recently so it’s going to happen some day. …maybe. …probably maybe a lot later in the someday future. …maybe.


Until then I’ll be having a grand old time sewing super simple things for summer that I can finish in a day and get some serious wear out of! I’m sure I’m not the only one who switches gears as soon as the summer heat rolls in and wants to sew nothing but instant gratification projects. That’s definitely the gear I’m in right now (which is why I keep putting off my Archer shirt comeback), and when I can pair simple sewing with quilting cotton you know I’m a happy camper!

What types of things are you sewing lately?