Sewing Indie Month Pattern Bundle – Melissa Skirt

August 12, 2015

Hello! So today I’m sharing a sewing project to promote* and support Sewing Indie Month. If you’re not familiar with it, Sewing Indie Month (SIM) is a month-long celebration of indie sewing patterns where designers collaborate to bring you fun blog posts and informative tutorials. It begins in September and supports small, women-owned businesses, as well as raises money for charity. It’s accompanied by a sew-along contest with fantastic prizes! Sounds pretty awesome, right?!


The pattern bundle sale will run from Monday August 3rd to Wednesday August 12th, with 20% of bundle proceeds being donated to the International Folk Art Alliance, which provides education and exhibition opportunities to folk artists from around the world.

To learn more about all of the patterns included in this bundle, as well as the sale pricing, check out the Sew Independent website!


Here are the 10 awesome indie patterns included in the SIM bundle:


The pattern I chose to make is the Melissa Skirt by Muse Patterns, which is a 1940s inspired 3-in-1 pattern including a dress, a blouse and a skirt. I fell in love with the arrowhead pocket detail right away!


This skirt came together surprisingly quickly considering it has so many pieces! There was one small part in the pocket instructions that tripped me up, but that’s probably because I was sewing on caffeine and lack of sleep (you know how that goes). It also took me a few minutes to figure out how to print all of the skirt pieces since half of them are included in (attached to, actually) the B or D cup size dress pattern. I kept ignoring the bust information since I wasn’t making the dress or blouse, and therefore skipping over how to print my front skirt pieces. If I was being overly picky, I would prefer to have the dress, blouse, and skirt set up as separate patterns, but that’s not always the most conservative thing as far as paper consumption goes.


My buttons ended up way off center because my finished skirt was too big (even after using a 1/2″ seam allowance instead of the recommended 3/8ths) and that was my easy cheater way to get it to fit a little better. It doesn’t bother me really, but if you have OCD with symmetry/proportions and your eye won’t stop twitching right now I apologize, haha!


I’ll count this version as more of a wearable muslin, but I do really look forward to making it a second time after some fitting adjustments. Again, I LOVE the little pointed pockets! They’re small pockets, but still completely functional and very adorable. I’d like to use a contrasting print for the facing on them next time. Lots of potential for extra cuteness!


Outfit Details:
T-shirt – Next Level
Skirt – Muse Melissa Pattern
Belt – Thrift Store
Headscarf – American Eagle
Glasses – c/o Victory Optical
(20% off all frames with code LUCKY20)

And helllooooooooooo new hair color! I’m so in love with it!! It’s called Siren’s Song by Manic Panic and it definitely makes me feel like a Mermaid Fairy Seamstress. …which is everything I ever wanted to be when I grew grow up 😉


This is definitely not my neatest work so that’s another reason why I’m looking forward to sewing a second version. I used some weird stretch polyester twill from the Jo-Ann’s red tag rack, as well as some seriously contrast-y thread. I was trying to use up an old bobbin, and I was definitely too lazy to change my serger thread out (you also know how that goes, I’m sure), so the insides are quite colorful but that’s only for me to see and giggle at 😉


I’m sorry Guys, I didn’t realize my scheduled blog day was the very last day of the pattern sale! It’s definitely a pretty fantastic bundle though so scoop it up if there’s still time! And definitely sew-along for Sewing Indie Month in September!

Also, if you want to see the other patterns in the bundle, in action, stop by and give some love to the other ladies in the tour:


*I received the SIM bundle for free with the understanding that I’d pick at least one pattern to sew and share on this day. I did not receive monetary compensation for this post, nor will I receive a percentage for any bundles sold. All views and opinions are my own. Blah blah blah, law jargon etc etc…