Three Things

Three Things V.5

August 24, 2015

Long time no talk! I just returned home after a really fantastic week at camp, and rather than schedule some posts for while I was away, I just decided to take a blog break. I have a lot of exciting projects, reviews, and collaborations to share with you as the Fall season approaches, but I figured I kick things back off with a Three Things roundup.


Three Projects I’m Working On:
1.) To promote Birch Fabrics’ new collection, Homestead, I have a really cute Archer tunic variation to share. I posted a preview on Instagram, but for those who haven’t seen it, it includes a great many sheep and my favorite minty blue green color. Look for that in September!
2.) I’m teaming up with Harts Fabric and Robert Kaufman for Sew Your Hart Out September and I have a great tutorial planned. It’s another Archer hack (no surprise) inspired by this Anthropologie dress. I’m suuuuuuper excited to get started on this one!
3.) If you saw my recent Melissa skirt you know I participated in promoting the Sewing Indie Month pattern bundle. Well I’m pleased to say I’ll also be promoting round two! This time I’ll be sure to share the sale much earlier 😉

Three Things I’m Watching:
1.) A dear friend of mine introduced me to the Shots of Awe channel on YouTube and I’m loving it. I found ‘What is Creativity?‘ to be thought provoking in the best way. Oh, and this one made me think about a lot of things relevant to my life lately …”it’s why we make art”.
2.) Bob’s Burgers! I started watching this show when it first came out but I never gave myself an opportunity to really get into it. I recently re-watched all of the seasons on Netflix and now it’s one of my favorites. Definitely my kind of humor!
3.) Well this is something I’m not watching now, but I WILL be watching as soon as September 10th rolls around – LONGMIRE SEASON 4!!!!! YASSSSSSSSS!!!! Queue the return of the Lucky Lucille Western Shirt Sewing Marathon…


Three Things I’m Listening To:
1.) I recently found a few playlists on Spotify that are taking me straight back to my high school days. It’s funny how music like that stays with you, even after a decade or more. One of the playlists is called Pop Punk Mania and it’s amazing how easily I can recall all the words to nearly every song on it (maybe even slightly embarrassing).
2.) A new favorite – Frank Turner. I like this song especially.
3.) An old favorite – Frank Sinatra. I have this song stuck in my head lately.

Three Fabric Collections I’m Excited About:
1.) Vintage Made Modern by Amy Barickman for RJR Fabrics
2.) New Bedford by Denyse Schmidt for FreeSpirit
3.) Mischief Night by Dinara Mirtalipova for Windham

Three Things On My Wishlist:
1.) I’m currently obsessed with cute animal socks. I want ALL the cute animal socks, this pair included.
2.) I still want this Stay Home Club loose tee. It even has four cats on it just like I have! I don’t like to feel like I “need”material things. …but I need that shirt 😉
3.) I probably won’t be knitting my own sweaters anytime soon (though I dream about it) so I’ve been shopping around for cozy oversized options to layer with leggings. I love that these go beyond “Boyfriend” sweater and into “Grandad” territory, haha!


Three Patterns I Want To Sew:
1.) The Sewaholic Cambie Dress (I have a wedding to go to next month).
2.) This Mimi G sweater coat for Simplicity Patterns (the crop top is cute too!).
3.) A pair of boyfriend jeans like the Thread Theory Jedediah pattern.

Three Knitting Projects I’d Love To Start:
1.) This chunky pixie hat by Diane Serviss
2.) This beautiful beanie by Susann Hummel
3.) This wrap sweater by Hannah Fettig for Quince & Co

Three Goals For The Fall Season:
1.) Re-open my online shop!
2.) Update my Spoonflower shop!!
3.) Release the Lucky Lucille Headband Pattern!!!


Three Links Friends (Rightly) Posted To My Facebook Wall:
1.) 19 Things Everyone Who Thinks Dogs Are Better Than Babies Will Understand
2.) 9 Things Sewists Do That No One Understands
3.) Men Try The Cat Eyeliner Technique (SO funny!!)

Three Photos I’ve Taken:
Photo 1.) My 19 year old Peanut Cat snoozing on the back deck. She’s on daily heart medication now but shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. I’m constantly astounded by how often she proves to have zero idea what her age actually is! She’s the definition of spry. Wild, even.
Photo 2.) A sneaky shot of my brother fishing at a local park.
Photo 3.) A picture of Pelicans (and the mess they make) on a pier in Florida, taken while visiting my grandparents back in April.


What are Three Things on your mind lately?