“Blog” must actually be a portmanteau for Back Log…

September 8, 2015

You guys I have SO MANY new projects to share and I’m way behind on blogging about them! Emphasis on the WAY BEHIND. I’d like to use the excuse “my tripod broke” as the reason why I haven’t been photographing things, it’s a pretty legitimate excuse, except it’s not terribly broken …just obnoxiously broken so I haven’t wanted to fiddle with it. So I guess I don’t have a good excuse for the small pile of un-blogged garments besides “life and stuff and summer and big scheming” happened.

…that’s actually a pretty good excuse.

But anyways, I have several sewing projects, a knitting project, and a sewing/block printing project to share as soon as I make the time. I had to push back sharing my Harajuku Critters ensamble because I had blog obligations to address first (that’s going to happen again this week, not that I’m complaining!) but I’m dyyyyiiiing to take photos of that outfit.

The knitting project I finished is one I love in theory because I highly enjoy the pattern but, spoiler alert, it’s become a situation where a good intention was actually a bad idea. I’ll elaborate more on that later.


My sewing/block printing project is the fruit of a super fantastic weekend-long workshop in Ithaca recently, which you can take a peek at over on Maya’s blog. I know I’ve said this at least a thousand times already, but every time I do some block printing I fall deeper and deeper in love with it. I’m working towards opening my online shop back up and it’s definitely going to feature some hand-printed goods!

Also, another match-y outfit ensemble I can’t wait to share involves a great many unicorns and a dapper gentleman friend of mine in a handmade bow tie. Good stuff.

Where I’ve been less frequent with blogging, I do keep up a bit better on Instagram and Facebook, so check in with me there if you truly can’t bear all this time and space between posts 😉

I’ll be back soon! Tomorrow actually…