Honestly Sewing

Slow Fashion October: Weeks 1 & 2

October 6, 2015

I’m a little late to the game, but I just discovered Slow Fashion October (a brain child of Karen Templer from Fringe Supply Co) and it’s the perfect amount of direction and guidance for me as I work towards sewing some Fall wardrobe staples. My standpoint on Slow Fashion is fueled mostly by my desire to handcraft as many things in my life as I can (that kind of crafting makes me feel like a wizard, and let’s face it, who doesn’t want that kind of magic?!). Plus, it’s a fun challenge for me.


Being socially and environmentally conscious about my wardrobe is also on my mind, but there are many items of clothing I still prefer to buy at this point and I won’t feel guilty about doing so. Even still, a slow fashion challenge is a good way for me to pause and reflect on whether I “need” to buy a new fleece sweater coat from Amazon when I could more than probably make a comparable item myself. Yeah, I really do need a new sweater coat, but the instant gratification is not as gratifying in the long run when a handmade option is on the table.


So yes, count me in for Slow Fashion October!

“Week” 1,  October 1-4: YOU
First let’s introduce ourselves: Where are you at with all this / What first got you interested in Slow Fashion / What are your skills / What do you hope to get out of Slow Fashion October / What are your personal goals for the month / Do you have a special project you plan to tackle this month?

I already answered some of those questions in my intro, but the more I sew and the more I get distracted by shiny new fabrics and patterns, the more I realize I could benefit from a capsule wardrobe. I really do reach for basically the same thing everyday and I want to make the push to explore that this winter. I’d like to combine my sewing and knitting skills to create just one really wearable outfit for October. I’m thinking one sweater coat, one pair of leggings, one pullover dress, and one knit hat to get started with.


Week 2, October 5-11: SMALL
handmade / living with less / quality over quantity / capsule wardrobe / indie fashion / small-batch makers / sustainability

Yes, yes, and yes. I’m interested in exploring all of those things. I knit slow, so realistically I’ll need to buy some knitwear if I want to attempt to stay warm in the coming months, but before I pull items from my Amazon wishlist, I’m going to check out Etsy first and see if I can’t find a beanie (or two) that fits my needs and my budget. The tricky thing with handmade, for me anyways, is finding a good time/effort/cost balance. Another goal of mine will be to weigh those time/cost pros and cons on a seasonal level (summer sewing always feels so much less expensive and I’m not interested in trying to sew a wool coat any time soon!). I’m so guilty of not allowing myself to buy anything at all when I know I could attempt to sew it myself (example: a wool coat), especially when the “quality” of what I can actually afford just makes me plain angry sometimes. Finding a good compromise on that buy/make/quality/affordability ground is something I’m interested in figuring out.

I feel that Slow Fashion October is a nice follow-up to Me Made May, and that’s exactly the kind of direction I need right now.

How about you, what are your Fall sewing plans?