Sleep Season Slouch Hat

November 25, 2015

Wooooo! A new knitting project! It’s been quite a while, huh? If you’re a long-time reader you know I love knitting and wearing hats. You also probably know I love a good quick, simple project. So naturally the Sleep Season Slouch pattern by Fancy Tiger Crafts was a winner before I even cast on a stitch. What makes this pattern even more of a winner is the fact that it’s FREE, not to mention I reeallllyy love the Malabrigo yarn I used to make it. Basically this hat is winning pretty hard in my book.


I’ve been majorly slacking on sharing finished projects lately, for various reasons, so it feels reaaaalllly good to get back in front of the camera. I’m finally feeling like myself again after being “sick” for the entire month of October. I just want to say quickly that if you’re ever feeling “off” and can’t understand why, don’t give up until you figure it out. No one should just surrender to feeling “weird” when you know something is weird. Talk to someone about it. There’s always an answer. In my case, I learned my body can’t handle Progestin. I was dealing with all sorts of scary symptoms (like extreme lethargy and heart palpitations – my doctor actually tested me for Lyme Disease because of the symptoms I was having) on top of feeling generally awful on a mental/emotional level. Long story short, my doctors are awesome and helped me weed some things out, like synthetic hormones. Just be good to yourself and feel happy. Everyone deserves that.

But anyways! Back to the knitting… and the smiling 🙂




The Sleep Season Slouch is a great pattern for a fun stripe-y yarn like this because the pattern itself is so basic. I opted to skip the pom-pom, making my beanie even more basic, because I didn’t want it to feel too heavy in the back …though now I’m second guessing myself because I think I bright yellow pom would look awfully cute. The yarn I used was a gift from my BFF, Erin, and I’d definitely like to buy some more of it for a future project! It’s Malabrigo Rios (in the color Ivy) and I’m in love with the stitch definition and overall squish factor. I’ve been wearing this hat non-stop since I finished it at the beginning of the month, so it’s pilling a little bit already but I’m impressed with the way the yarn recoils and holds it’s shape. It’s not stretching out like I expected for the amount of hours it’s been living on my head.




Outfit Details:
Sweater – American Eagle
Leggings – HUE
Coat – Gap
Boots – Timberland
Glasses – c/o Victory Optical
(20% off all frames with code LUCKY20)


I will admit I feel pretty hypocritical coming out of Slow Fashion October wearing all non-handmade clothing in this post, but then again I don’t feel too bad because the sweater and coat were gifts from my mom, and the leggings are hand-me-downs from my aunt. Plus, sometimes when you don’t know what you feel like sewing (or think you know but aren’t totally sure) it’s really helpful to test drive a RTW outfit so you can address any possible fit issues, or things you’d do differently, before you even get to the muslin stage of a handmade outfit (I’ll just leave this laughably appropriate meme right here). You better believe I’m ready to sew some leggings and a Hemlock Tee even more than I was before now that I’ve been wearing this outfit. SO. COMFY.


Well, that’s about all I have to say about that. I hope everyone who celebrates the eating of turkey and giving of thanks tomorrow has a really wonderful day!

Also, we should be friends on Ravelry if we’re not already 😉