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My 10 Favorite Projects of 2015

December 10, 2015

I’m currently sitting in bed with a horrible respiratory sickness (one I most probably caught while flying home from Virgina two days ago) day dreaming about all the sewing and knitting projects I’d like to start to kick off the New Year. Even though I’ve been slacking on the blog posts lately, and the amount of undocumented sewing projects in my closet is slightly upsetting, I still feel like I’ve had a really productive year of sewing and me-made self discovery. I’ve learned a lot about what I like to sew and wear, what kinds of projects I turn to the most, and what types of fabrics I want more of. The last few sewing projects I’ve finished (and have yet to blog about) are knits, not to mention the last several fabrics I bought are knits, so that’s definitely what I’ll be concentrating on as we head into 2016.

In the meantime I wanted to roundup ten of my favorite projects from 2015…crazy8s_circleskirt_luckylucille1

1.) This circle skirt pattern by Anna Maria Horner was one of my first completed projects of 2015 and was so much fun to sew! I really enjoyed the way it was pieced together like a puzzle and I’d definitely like to try making it again in a more subtle, mono-toned color combination. …or stripes. Stripes would be awesome.

This is the only blog post of 2015 where I did not take my own blog photos. Switching to a tripod and remote situation for taking pictures was a big change for me but I’m super proud of what I’ve managed to shoot on my own and I’m not looking back!

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2.) January was a really seasonally inappropriate time to sew a rayon dress, but it actually got a lot of wear over the summer! While the fabric was a bit challenging for me to sew with, the pattern came together easily (after some Lady Turtle fitting adjustments) and I definitely would make this dress again. Actually I’m surprised I haven’t made it a second time already, especially with all the swoon-y Cotton & Steel rayons released since their first collection.

Original blog post, here.


3.) I made the Carolyn Pajama Shorts back in February and wear them constantly. Lounge clothes are in heavy rotation in my world and even though I still struggle with “basics are boring, I don’t want to sew those” …I’m finally coming around to the facts: I need t-shirts, leggings, comfy tunics and jammie shorts. 2016 is going to be the year of sewing basics, I swear.

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4.) This project will always be one of my very favorites because it’s the most “handmade” thing I’ve ever created. I drafted the pattern, dyed the fabric, block printed the pattern on it, and sewed it together. I wore it a lot at first and then realized I wasn’t in love with the overall look of the dress. I’m not really sure why… maybe a little bit too 70s for my particular taste? I’m not sure. I do love how I mixed vintage notions in with a modern pattern though, and I really want to strive for this level of handmade in future projects.

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5.) I don’t know why I waited until May of 2015 to sew a Hollyburn skirt for the first time because it jumped to the top of my TNT list immediately. I didn’t have to make one single alteration to get this skirt to fit well and that never happens to me. I LOVE this skirt. I made several over the summer and I wore them routinely. The only problem I have with high-waisted garments is they can be unkind to acid reflux symptoms, and that’s something I struggle with a lot. I’d like to experiment with this pattern and try it in a some sort of stable ponte knit in 2016.

Original blog post, here.


6.) Quilts are, hands down, the unsung heroes of my handcrafted life. I’ve only made two so far, but they’re the only projects (besides maybe my knitted hats) that I use, and love every day. I have one on my bed and one on the couch and between myself, Lucille, and my cats, they get snuggled in on a daily basis. I could definitely use some more quilts in my life! I really enjoy the process of putting them together and how you don’t need to make a million fitting adjustments to get it right. I’d like to make another quilt or two in 2016.

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7.) A surprisingly successful wearable muslin, these Cynthia Rowley shorts saw a lot of summer sunlight. This is actually one of my favorite outfits of 2015! I had plans to make other pairs but I never got back around to it.

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8.) I can probably count this project as one of my biggest blogging failures of 2015 because I wore this outfit SO MUCH over the summer and never made the time to document it. I’m the worst! The skirt is another Hollyburn, but this time I made it with an exposed zipper, contrasting topstitching, denim fabric that I bleached and then overdyed, and topped it all off with a really cute button tab closure with vintage buttons. The button closure was actually a clever cover-up for a pretty big mistake in the zipper insertion, and it’s still my favorite “mistake” I’ve ever made. The skirt matches a Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank (also a project I wore over and over and over) in a super cute Harajuku inspired cotton print. One of my biggest goals for the immediate future is to actually blog about this outfit!

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9.) I made this copy-cat dress as a tutorial for Sew Your Hart Out September and I’m still super proud of how it turned out. It’s a modified version of the Grainline Archer Button-up, which continues to be one of my most-loved, most-made patterns. I had every intention of making this exact same dress a few more times in different fabrics but I got busy with other things. …that seems to be a recurring theme.

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10.) Last but not least, my most recent make, the Sleep Season Slouch Hat by Fancy Tiger Crafts. It’s such a simple hat that really embodies all the things I seem to love in my clothing lately. It’s a really basic silhouette that allows a fun yarn to steal the show. It’s comfortable. It’s casual. It was easy to make. Also, it’s a hat. I reeaaallllllyyyy love making hats. They’re kind of the only things I like to knit! Though one of my goals for 2016 is to learn the magic loop technique so I can try making socks and other accessories. We’ll see. Until then I have a million hat patterns in my Ravelry library waiting to be made. …no really, pretty much one million hat patterns.

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I know my sewing influences and inspirations tend to change as fast as my hair color but I’ve been making and blogging long enough now to know what I could use more of, and what I can do without. Most notably, my love for vintage has shifted. I’ll always love vintage movies, music, ephemera, anything vintage sewing/knitting related, and also the fashions of by gone eras …but I’m just not that interested in wearing vintage right now, and therefore I’m less interested in sewing it. It’s safe to say I’ll continue to sneak in some vintage notions and silhouettes into future sewing projects, but on the whole it’s pretty obvious that’s no longer my main focus.

What I do want to continue to focus on sounds like a great excuse for another blog post, don’t you think? 😉

2015 has been a year of big changes, and certainly no shortage of struggles (such is life I suppose), but I feel like I’m kicking off 2016 in a really good place! As always, thanks for being a reader and supporting my ramblings. Feel free to link to any of your favorite 2015 projects or posts in a comment below 🙂