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New Spoonflower Shop!

January 7, 2016

One of the things I discovered (and fell madly in love with) last year was block printing. Sadly, that’s the one thing I rarely blogged about. I did share new block printing projects on Instagram, but I didn’t make the extra effort to actually write about those projects here. That’s something I’m working to change this year, starting with a new Spoonflower shop to showcase my love for both block printing and fabric design!

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit the new shop is a new logo for me. There’s no real reason for this aside from the fact that I want to start sharing my design work under my own name, and keep my blog going as Lucky Lucille. Separating things a bit feels like the right direction to go in and it’s helped lift the creative stifle I felt looming over my 2015. Personal growth feels good!


Now let’s talk about the prints! There are five different designs in six different colors, totaling 30 prints all together. I wanted to launch with something that felt like a completed collection, not just one or two prints. Because of this, two of my earliest designs had been lingering in fabric design limbo since February of last year, but I’m really glad I waited for a more substantial body of work.


One of those early designs is one I call Tulip, which you may have read about here on the blog way back in February (you can read those two original blog posts, here and here). Tulip started as large border print but when I digitized it for Spoonflower I scaled it down. Waaay down. Now each little tulip measures just under 2 inches tall.


Next up is a design I created about two months ago and shared on Instagram but never blogged about. I was really happy with my thistle print when I scanned it in to Illustrator, but when I started playing around with a repeat I decided it looked too lopsided as an asymmetrical motif. Though the final motif is still asymmetrical, it’s much more balanced and repeats nicely. Thistle measures 4 inches wide by nearly 5 inches tall and would be great for a Home Dec project! …in my humble opinion 😉


This next print will always be near and dear to me because it was my very first block print since highschool. Last year I was struggling with a repetitive stress injury in my wrist and was desperate for a creative outlet that wasn’t as taxing as sewing or knitting. I picked up block printing because I heard Speedy Carve was a medium that cut like butter and therefore was pretty stress-free to work with. It definitely was for me! You can read that original blog post, here.


Valentine is another print that would be good for Home Dec projects because of its larger scale (~5″ x 3.75″), though I could definitely see a pretty fantastic dress made with it as well!


Next up is yet another print I made months ago and never blogged about, though I did share some photos on Instagram (here and here …and here). “Night Messenger” was dreamed up during a weekend-long block printing/sewing retreat in Ithaca, NY back in September. It’s inspired by the romantic notion that feathered friends might bring you secret messages under the cover of darkness… It’s just really easy for me to romanticize about magical things like Snowy Owls named Hedwig, okay? Not that you could ever blame me, am I right?!


I’ve got a pair of Lakeside pajamas planned with this print and I’m super, super excited to see them finished!


Last but not least, and stemming from pieces of Night Messenger, is the following print…


I actually worked backwards when creating Feather Lattice. Since I already had the pieces scanned in from Night Messenger, it was just a matter of playing around in Illustrator creating different repeating tiles until I settled on one I really liked. Then I printed out a single 4″ tile motif, traced it onto a block, carved it, and printed it a bunch of times on paper. The plan is to use that carved tile to print some fabric by hand, but it’s nice to have a digitally printed on-demand option, too.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Spoonflower, it’s a really super magical website that lets you shop fabric, wallpaper, and wrapping paper from thousands of artists. With fabric, you can print quantities as small as one test swatch, a fat quarter or a yard, up to infinite yardage on SO MANY different types of fabrics – everything from cottons, to faux suede, to Silk Crepe de Chine! And, the really awesome thing is, anyone can open a shop there. If it’s your dream to see your very own designs on fabric then Spoonflower is a most excellent place to start and make it happen.


Thanks for reading all about my new Spoonflower shop! If you’ve always wanted to try block printing or fabric design (or both!), what are you waiting for? It’s a brand new year! I got started with this Speedball Deluxe Block Printing Kit, and online classes like this one from Bonnie Christine.

Seriously, whether it’s blocking printing, designing, blogging, sewing, knitting, or anything – everyone has to start somewhere!

Just start already and see where you are in a year 😉