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Off To A Good Start

As previously mentioned, some of my goals for 2016 are to sew for comfort, advance my knitting, and showcase my block printing, but aside from that I also told myself I would sew more for necessity (I’m easily distracted by brand new shiny patterns that don’t suit my life/style) and really evaluate my stash before buying new fabric (I’m also easily distracted by shiny new fabrics that don’t suit my life/style). Well I’m off to a good start on that front because my first completed project of 2016 is both a necessity and a stash bust!luckylucille_newcurtains02

Last year my sewing space got shuffled around more times than I can try to remember, as tends to happen when you find yourself living at home, trying to save money to eventually not live at home. Right now my work space is also my bedroom, which I’m actually quite happy with since it’s the first time I’ve had one room to call all mine in almost a decade. It’s MY space. Mine. My own* and I’m the type of person who thrives with a little solitary personal space to retreat to.

(*yes of course that’s a Lord Of The Rings reference.)


I’m also the kind of person who needs access to natural light (and preferably a view of some greenery) which is why curtains never seem to make it to my list of sewing priorities. And although I live in a rural town where people can get away with zero window treatments, I figured it would be smart (…courteous?) of me to sew at least a very basic set of curtains. You’re welcome, neighbors.


The fabric is from Jo-Ann’s. It’s a basic quilting cotton that they seem to reprint year after year and I ended up with yards and yards of it after my mom decided she wanted new curtains for the kitchen. …then decided we’d go with plain linen instead. …then simple wood blinds. …no definitely the pretty floral print cotton after seeing my new curtains. Sooooo, looks like I’ll be sewing more curtains in the near future.


I didn’t use any kind of pattern. I just turned down a two inch casing at the top to run the curtain rod through and then folded up a massive 9″ hem to add some weight to the bottom (also because I was too lazy to cut off the excess and sew a smaller hem). I didn’t even need to hem the sides since the print of the fabric reaches across both selvages (no text or white space) and the 44″ width was exactly what I needed to cover each window. I don’t remember the exact yardage I started with. I just ripped the fabric into two equal pieces that were plenty long enough to cover my windows and I just wing’d-it (uh, wang it? …that can’t be right) from there.


Trying to continue the theme of “Smart Crafting by Rochelle” I realized that yes, I definitely want to advance my knitting this year by making the Bough hat by Brooklyn Tweed …but I’ve never actually done charted knitting before. I understand the principal of it, but thought it might be wise to give it a try on a pattern without as much chart-age as Bough. Which is why I’m currently knitting the Rosebud hat by Brooklyn Tweed. So far so good! And! I’m still prepping myself to conquer Bough soon enough.


This is also my first knitting project with Madelinetosh Vintage yarn and GuuuuuhhhhhgggggMyGod it’s so nice. I’m hooked on the subtle color variances, as well as the dimension and depth of color you get with hand-dyed yarn, especially when they’re a beautiful mustard yellow like the Candlewick colorway. I tend to show more restraint when yarn shopping but this yarn is going to tempt me fiercely.


Now that I’ve gotten Christmas sewing out of the way, and have one quick project under my belt to get back in the swing of things, I’m eager to start on my #2016MakeNine goals.

I think I’ll begin with Fen.


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  • Julie Culshaw

    just love your curtains, and that blue dresser. What a cheery space to sew in!

  • Elena Knits

    We just moved and I also need to make curtains. I really liked yours and they’ve given me the motivation to start.

  • hollahollaholla to that hat and those curtains!

  • Caitlin Musgrave

    I can so relate to your goals. I get easily distracted as well and often don’t do the sewing I really need to.

  • Cute curtains! You should do a post on how you get such gorgeous hair colours! You are such a chameleon and you rock it so well!

  • What a lovely print. So pretty. Here’s to a year full of sewing

  • A Opishinski

    Love the new curtains! I don’t have a sewing room anymore and I miss it fiercely. Here’s to lots of good, practical and lovely sewing!

  • Those curtains are a cheerfully lovely as a summer’s day. Great fabric choice for one’s creative corner.

    β™₯ Jessica

  • Carmen Ross

    Love the curtains! I’ve been meaning to make curtains for my home for ages, so now you’ve totally inspired me to do so!

  • Kelly Amanda Blake

    I love the curtains! That fabric seems perfect for keeping a space bright and cheery. Shameless plug all you want because now I need one of those travel mugs!

  • Elena Rosa Brown

    Check you out crossing things off your list. I’m mighty jealous.

    Can’t wait to see your Fen. It’s in my top 3 ‘things I’m desperate to sew right now’ list.

    PS I was totally feeling your Lord of the Rings quote. Didn’t even need an astrix.

    • It definitely feels good sew things I actually need …why was I not doing that previously? lol Also, I can’t wait to sew Fen!

      p.s. Yassssss, high five and LOTR nerd points πŸ˜‰

  • sewinsteady

    Love the curtains! I’ve admired that print at Joann’s before — it’s a great fit for that project.
    I’ve also got the Fen pattern on my “up next” sewing list. I can’t wait to see how yours shapes up! I’m planning the tunic length so I can pair it with my ever-present leggings.

    • It really is such an excellent curtain fabric! Though I’ve also seen some dresses made up in it that are amazing. I’m predicting 2016 might be the year of Fens! I’m not seeing too many floating around the internet yet, but many people seem to be eyeing the pattern. I’m definitely going to be making mine tunic length as well. Leggings for the win!