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Murder Mystery Quilt Along

Murder! Mystery! Quilting! Block of the month! If those words made your eyes wide with excitement and intrigue, then we should probably be best friends …Oh, and you should probably check out the Murder Mystery Quilt-Along hosted by Deborah Moebes of Whipstitch. This Block Of The Month style club goes above and beyond your basic quilt-along. Presented as a real murder mystery, there’s a new book chapter released each month, along with instructions to build your accompanying quilt block. Each block contains clues to help solve the crime told in the story. How cool is that?!

You can read along with other quilters as you complete each block, all while trying to guess the killer, AND! There’s a prize to be won at the end of the year!murdermysteryquilt_luckylucille02

Deborah and I had joked on Instagram about our supreme love for Murder She Wrote and how it would be awesome to create some kind of sew-along inspired by our favorite Whodunits (Murder She Sew’t could be a thing, right?). When she announced the Murder Mystery Quilt last month I was SO EXCITED to join in! It’s a subscription based club, and now that I’ve had a sneak peek around the online forum and checked out the chapters (courtesy of Miss Murder Mystery Moebes), I’ve decided to pay my dues and jump on board for the year! It was worth downgrading my Spotify account to accommodate this new, way better subscription πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰


I’ve just finished putting together the block for January and I can’t wait to get started on February’s pattern. I like that there’s a general guide for what colors to use, but it’s totally up to you in terms of what colors and prints you pick for your quilt. For this block I used a few prints from one of my favorite companies, Cotton & Steel.


I always forget how much I love quilting until I start quilting again. I rrreeaaalllly want to do it more often, which is another reason why I’m more than happy to join the quilt-along and have a monthly nudge to put my scraps to good use. I’m primarily a garment sewer but I’ve always loved quilt industry cottons and substrates, so the Sewing Gods know I have scrap stash bigger than my actual stash. It’s a “problem” I’m working on …like having too much fabric is ever really a problem, haha!


If you’re like me and you like to listen to the quick wit of a lady sleuth as you sew (Murder, She Wrote and Miss Fisher are my go-to shows for background noise!), and if you also have a sad bin of scraps that could really be put to good use, then consider joining in on this super, super fun quilt-along!


The final deadline to join the club is February 29th (pay monthly and cancel whenever!) so check out the Murder Mystery Quilt page for more info and see if it’s for you! Catch a killer and make something awesome! So many exclamation points!!!!1

J.B. Fletcher would totally be in on this.


  • Cathy Raabe

    I signed up for this class after your last post – totally cool! I took a Crafty class with Deborah and she is a great teacher. I don’t follow her blog though so I wouldn’t have found out about the Murder Mystery quilt without your post – thanks! Also, thanks for posting a photo of your first block. I am new to quilting and I couldn’t quite get my head around what it would look like in actual fabric. So, double thanks πŸ™‚

  • The last time I did a quilt it was meant be some kind of cover up for my sofa. My cats are convinced that it’s for their manicure and I needed to cover up the scratches. While quilting I had so much fan and I TOTALLY LOST MY MIND. I had a huge box of such nice scraps of fabrics and I couldn’t keep myself from adding and adding. Since I didn’t start with a design in mind but I just made it up as I went…well, I went on and on and in the end I had something that was so huge that I had to cut a part off. Then I’ve put it in the washing machine but something with the temperature went wrong and when I took it out it was a tiny, wrinkly, and stiff piece of colorful garbage. I was so sad I never quilted again.