Three Things

Three Things V.6

February 11, 2016

Hello, All. Thank you for such a warm and kind response on my last post. It’s so nice to know that others out there can relate! To continue on my quest for less trying and more doing (like blogging more regularly), here’s a new installment of my Three Things series – A continuing round up of photos, and links, and things in threes. …because I like the number three. …and things.


Three Projects I’m Working On:
1.) A Murder Mystery Quilt!! This is the brainchild of Deborah Moebes at Whipstitch and it’s SUCH a cool idea! The Murder Mystery Quilt is a Block Of The Month style serial novel, told chapter-by-chapter (one month at a time) and each chapter accompanies a quilt block pattern. Each block contains clues to help solve the crime. There’s a Facebook group and online forum where you can read along with other quilters as you complete each block, try to guess the killer, and seek to win the year-end prize!

2.) Fen by Fancy Tiger – This is the first project I’m working on in my #2016MakeNine goals and so far I have the pattern traced, but have yet to cut out the dress pieces. I can’t decide on what fabric to use for my wearable muslin attempt so I’m stalling on the whole thing. …but soon! Soon I will have this completed dress to show you.

3.) Rosebud by Brooklyn Tweed – My wrists have been bothering me lately so I’m taking a small break from knitting, but I’m still chugging away at my latest hat project. I’m aiming to finish it this month.

Three Songs Stuck In My Head:
1.) This really hauntingly beautiful folk song called The Body Electric by Hurray for the Riff Raff.

2.) This folk-y love song by the swoon-y boys of Good Old War. It’s called Looking For Shelter (insert an extra swoon, a *le sigh* and a heart-eye emoji).

3.) This super awesome feel-good retro throwback called Smooth Sailing by Leon Bridges. So good!


Three Big Goals For 2016:
1.) Release PDF patterns for small accessories. This has been my goal for years now. Each year I learn more and more the right way to do this, and each year I feel a little closer to diving in and actually doing it. I operate on timing and gut feelings, but I also need to push myself to really see this done. A few patterns are made, it’s just illustrating instructions and all of those other details that trip me up. What was I just talking about? Oh right, don’t try JUST DO.

2.) Write a series of posts, or an eBook style fitting guide for Lady Turtles.

3.) Share more block printing and sewing tutorials.

Three Online Classes I Wish I Could Afford Right Now:
1.) Fitting Solo with Linda Lee – This class shows you how to measure and fit yourself, all by yourself, which is something I’ve always had to do and never felt like I knew exactly the right way. It’s currently 50% off but I’m rreeeaallllyyy tightening my belt this year so I’m not sure if I’ll splurge on it or not. …but it looks like it would be worth the money!

2.) It would be wise to let my wrists heal up more before attempting this, but a dreamy belted cardigan is definitely on my list of things to knit. I like that this class teaches you techniques for a custom fit top-down raglan in two styles. You build your own pattern based on your measurements which I’d love to learn how to do!

3.) Everyone is sewing their own bras right now and I’ll admit the idea really appeals to me. Nothing store bought ever seems to fit quite right, so my DIY interest is totally piqued! I’ve heard rave reviews about this Sew Your Own Bra class, and now that it’s under $25 I’m trying to remember why I’m living on a budget right now (future apartment, future apartment, future apartment!).


Three New Fabric Collections I’m Excited About:
1.) The new double gauze collection by Sarah Jane. I’m loving the grey and teal prints!

2.) The new Rifle Paper Company collection for Cotton & Steel. So much yes.

3.) Tall Tales by Arleen Hillyer for Birch Fabrics. Hello, Jackalopes!!

Three Photos I’ve Taken:
1.) Photo number one is a picture of Lucille being extra, extra adorable in some of my me-made knits. We were interviewed for a magazine article (coming out in March/April) and I was specifically asked for photos of Lucille (quite understandably). I think they were pleased with her efforts 😉

2.) If you subscribe to Craft Industry Alliance you will have seen this selfie accompanying an article about Repetitive Stress Injuries that I contributed to for Journal #9. It’s a really excellent collaborative read, full of personal stories and tips for dealing with RSI.

3.) This last photo is one I took back in October on a trip to Colonial Williamsburg. It’s a truly magical place, and one I highly suggest seeking out if you’re ever in Virginia!

What are some of your “Three Things” lately?