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Happy Birthday, Lucille!

March 14, 2016

Seven years ago today I rescued my furry soul mate, Lucille. Since we don’t really know exactly when she was born, my family has always treated this day as her birthday. She’s estimated to be 10 years old now! We definitely don’t need a special day as an excuse to shower her in love and extra attention (because she gets that every day) but it’s certainly nice to look back and remember the day that we rescued her.


Last year I shared her adoption story, and rather than re-write what was already written, I’ll just share that link again for anyone who wants to read it.

Thanks for being the best soul mate/spirit animal/furry child that a girl could ever ask for, Lucille! Here’s to many more happy, healthy years with your epic-ly adorable face <3


p.s. I really love reading animal rescue/adoption stories, so if you have one you’d like to link to or share in a comment, I’d love to hear you gush about how much you love your furry soul mates! I know I’m not the only crazy dog (and cat!) mom out there 😉