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#2016MakeNine Update

April 19, 2016

It’s been four months since introducing the #2016MakeNine Challenge so I figured it was a good time to assess where I’m at with my goals. I haven’t made the biggest dent in my list but any progress is still good progress. January is always a tough time for me to make sewing goals because the extreme change in weather as the new year moves on tends to shift my focus and my style when it comes to a handcrafted wardrobe. My initial reason for starting the challenge was to give myself some sort of basic direction to work towards. Even if the original patterns never made it out of the envelope, I’d still have some similar themes and style guidelines to follow. I’m glad I gave myself permission to make changes to the plan because I have made a few adjustments so far.



1.) LARK – Man oh man do I love this pattern! It’s everything I hoped it would be and I’m so glad I finally bought it! I’ve made it three times so far (two short sleeve versions and a long sleeve sweatshirt version) and I know I’ll be reaching for it again and again. Lark is a new wardrobe staple for me and with other TNT favorites like Archer (and most likely Driftless when I get to it), I’m starting to think Grainline Studio might be my go-to pattern company.


2.) FEN – I was initially drawn to Fen for many reasons. In my original post I mentioned being attracted to the pattern because of the comfort appeal, the capsule wardrobe potential, and the fact that it’s a cute dress with pockets. Well, I ended up not loving the shape of the dress on me but it did make a cute t-shirt. Lark takes the cake for TNT worthy tees in my book so I don’t think I’ll be sewing Fen again soon.



3.) MANILA FOR HUDSON – As much as I do love a good pair of leggings, I’ve decided I have enough store-bought pairs for right now. Leggings are still on my list of things to eventually sew for myself, but I’m not inspired to sew more at this point. I’d rather spend the money on fabric for garments I don’t already own. What I have been wearing constantly are my pajama joggers I made back in February. I definitely could use more of those! I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about the True Bias Hudson pants, so I’m adding those to my Make Nine list instead of the Seamwork Manila leggings.


4.) SIMPLICITY 1283 FOR DRIFTLESS – I’ve been meaning to sew an oversized cardigan for ages and when I initially made up my 2016MakeNine list, I was trying to sew patterns from my existing stash. Well when Jen at Grainline Studio released THE most perfect slouchy cardigan ever, I knew immediately that I would be swapping the Mimi G sweater coat for Driftless. It’s absolutely everything I’ve ever wanted in a cardigan! Slouchy fit, big pockets, generous length… it’s what all my dreams are made of and I can’t wait to sew it!



5/6.) BOUGH AND WATSON – I’m still really excited to get started on these two patterns! My intro to charted knitting with the Rosebud pattern was a big success so I’m feeling more ready to conquer the Bough hat. Now that the weather is warming up I’m sure this particular knitting project will get pushed back for more Spring/Summer appropriate ones, but Bough is staying on my MakeNine list.

I’ve been sewing with a lot more knits lately so I’ve got a nice stash of stretchy fabric scraps now. It’s only a matter of time before I buckle down and give the Watson set a try.


7/8.) 241 TOTE AND SIMPLICITY 1578 – There’s not much to say about these patterns other than I haven’t made them yet but I still plan to. I really want to make Lucille a new sweater (and I guess I better get going on that before it gets too hot for her to wear it!) and I’m in the market for a new Spring bag. The Noodlehead 241 Tote and Simplicity 1578 are moving up in my queue.




9.) DARLING RANGES DRESS – I’m currently undecided about whether or not I want to sew or swap this pattern. The Darling Ranges pattern has been on my radar for years and I finally bought it back in December along with Fen. It’s a really super cute dress with great potential but I haven’t been in much of a dress-wearing mood lately. It could be the lack of good dress weather we’ve been having, or it could be my style preferences are changing and I’m just not into dresses like I used to be. It’s hard to say at this point. If I do end up swapping this pattern, I’ll probably exchange it for a very casual knit dress like this one from Urban Outfitters.


So far I’m on track for all of my 2016 goals and that feels really awesome! I’m looking forward to letting my sewing and my personal style naturally evolve as the year goes on. It will be fun to reflect back next year and see what projects make my list of new favorites!

Do you have a #2016MakeNine list or a similar list of sewing goals for yourself? How are you doing on your progress?