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I’m Not That Squirrel Anymore

April 14, 2016

Today I’m sharing two projects over on the Mood Sewciety Blog, and spoiler alert, they’re two of the most gratifying garments I’ve made in a long time. I’m not going to lie, when Mood first contacted me with the opportunity to guest post for them, my initial thoughts were “I’ve got to make something super fashionable and on-trend in order to do their fabrics justice, It’s Mood!” and “What’s the most expensive, fancy fabric I can spend my $50 allowance on?!” – Well, tempted as I was to go that route, in the end I just had to be me.


And by “me” I mean the girl who gets blinded by the newest, fanciest patterns and fabrics but wears the same old basic thing every day behind-the-scenes. To take an excerpt from my post:

I’ll be the first to admit I’m easily distracted when it comes to fancy sewing patterns and pretty fabrics. I’m like that squirrel who collects shiny things and has no idea what to do with all that acquired “treasure”. I’ve sewn a lot of beautiful things in the past that I never wear and I don’t want to be that squirrel anymore!

…yeah I likened myself to a squirrel on the Mood blog.


But manic woodland creatures aside, I’m sure many of you can relate! The more I sew for myself, the more I learn to treasure and appreciate the simple things. I’m finding beauty in basics like pullovers and comfy shorts. My motto is quickly becoming Easy to Sew, Easy to Love and that’s why I’m super proud of myself for staying true to me by crafting an outfit and a guest post that I love (and Mood loves, too!).

So head on over to the Mood Sewciety Blog to read my full post and see more photos of my new favorite garments made for a basic squirrel who’s seen the light 😉

p.s. Don’t forget, my $50 Mood Fabrics giveaway closes Sunday night!