Absorbing Memories in Handmade

May 30, 2016

The last two weeks have been a little rough but I’m keeping busy and staying positive. I’ve been doing a ton of sewing lately, mostly for other people but I did manage to make myself a humble Lark Tee out of some super soft grey jersey from Denver Fabrics that I bought not too long ago. This t-shirt was a satisfying make for me because it perfectly coincides with where I left off on my last post about wearing and loving what I sew, but it’s grown to mean so much more than that.


“This t-shirt was made by me. It’s stretched out and wrinkled because I’ve been wearing it so much since I finished it. I haven’t washed it yet and I kinda don’t want to. It still has my cat’s hair on it, the hair from my 20 year old kitty that I recently had to say goodbye to. It smells exactly like my boyfriend because I borrowed his deodorant on that day and it has a small stain on the bottom from the lunch we shared afterwards. I keep catching whiffs of myself and swooning, picking cat hairs off myself and smiling. Man do I miss that little kitty. It’s funny how many more moments and memories I absorb when I’m wearing clothes that I’ve made myself. This is why I want to sew more basic t-shirts. Who knew such a humble thing could mean so much?”

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve seen this image and this caption already but I wanted to elaborate on that thought here, too.

I’ve noticed that I tend to retain more memories and moments while wearing clothes that I’ve made myself. Maybe it’s because I’ll catch myself looking down at a handmade garment I’m wearing and reflecting on it. I’ll pause to secretly admire a hem I’m particularly proud of or touch the fabric that I picked out myself and think how great it is to say I’ve done that, even if I’m only telling myself.

Even when these pauses only last for a split second, it’s still a pause I rarely take when wearing store-bought clothes. It’s because of the small pauses when I stop to take in what I’m wearing, that I also stop to take in more of my surroundings. For me, it’s the small humble details within those quick blips in time that really add weight to the bigger story. I want more of this. I want more humble handmade t-shirts and more pause in my life.

Have you ever had a similar experience? Do you feel like you absorb more while wearing handmade clothes?