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A Sleeveless Archer Button-Up for All Seasons

June 14, 2016

It’s been about a year since I made a button-up shirt, which is far too long when I think about how often I wear one. Archer has always been one of my favorite patterns, probably the one I’ve sewn the most, so it was high time to add a new one into rotation. I’ve been considering a sleeveless Archer for quite some time now, not just for summer wear but for all-season wear as well. I love the look of a button-up but I hate when the sleeves get bunched up under my sweaters. I knew there had to be a better way and when I stumbled upon Elizabeth’s genius solution my suspicions were confirmed. A sleeveless Archer is in fact the ultimate all-season staple!

Not pictured here: Fall, Winter, and the other 40 weeks of non-summer seasons we get in upstate New York.


Sewing a sleeveless shirt isn’t as simple as just leaving the sleeves off. To get a flattering fit at the shoulder I followed one of Jen’s tutorials on the Grainline blog. It’s not a difficult series of adjustments to make, but to set myself up for success I used the shape of my Tiny Pocket Tank as a guide. Next time I might try taking a small wedge out of the yoke for more shaping at the armhole like Jen suggests, but I’m pretty happy with the shape as it is. Pretty darn perfect for a first try!


I bought this beautiful border print fabric (from the Petite Odile collection by French General) ages ago when visiting the West Coast. If you’re ever in Oakland, CA I highly recommend stopping by a A Verb For Keeping Warm! It’s such a beautiful shop and I’d love to go back. (Erin I want a BFF shopping spree sequel!)

I didn’t know it then, but olive green is now my favorite color to wear! Hey Rochelle, great job masking an impulse buy as planning for the future. You should do more of that whole future planning thing.

But I digress!


I love using bias tape to hem shirts. I get a much cleaner result in half the time, so it’s pretty much my go-to technique for button-ups. I wrote a tutorial for Craftsy a while back if anyone is thinking of converting 😉



I’ve experimented with the fit on Archer a lot over the years. Though my full bust measurement puts me closer to the size 4, I like the way the size 0 fits on me the most, especially when I’m not worrying about sleeves. I know Archer is meant to be a slouchy boyfriend fit, but going back to the issue with fabric bunching up under sweaters, I wanted less wearing ease. Ease is definitely important and I know I left just enough because I’m lounging in bed wearing this very same Archer right now and I’m feeling quite comfy.


I lost the original pocket piece so these are not your standard issue Archer pockets. I wasn’t expecting to like the shape and size of them as much as I do, and now I’m kicking myself for not making my own pattern piece for what I ended up with. Oh well, it won’t be too difficult to reverse engineer the same pockets for next time.


Outfit Details:
Shirt Pattern – Archer Button Up
Shirt Fabric – Petite Odile by French General
Hat – Target
Jeans – J. Crew Outlet
Shoes – Crocs (insert smug face)
Belt – Target
Glasses – c/o Victory Optical
(20% off all frames with code LUCKY20)


I was practicing my Darkwing Duck impression ^^



I almost forgot how much I love making button-up shirts! Especially when I’m skipping all the more tedious steps like setting in sleeves and ironing origami fabric aka tower plackets. After sewing a bunch of speedy knits it definitely took me a few minutes (er, hours) to get in the right mindset and sllllooowwww downnnn. Shirts have so many steps compared to tees …and so many buttons. But I like switching it up.

The process of sewing, whether it’s super basic or more complicated, is something I continue to enjoy and thus I continue to sew and share what I sew.

It’s an added bonus when I figure out how to sew things that I can actually wear and love every single day of the year 😉