Introducing the Pixie Wallet Pattern

July 6, 2016

This venture has been a long time in the making and I’m so excited to finally share it with you – I’ve just launched my first sewing pattern! I’ve been talking about releasing my own patterns for years now and it’s taken me that long to learn everything I needed to know in order to do it all on my own. I have lots of ideas and partially completed patterns to catch up on, but I had to start with this pattern first.

This mini wallet got started back in late 2011, around the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday, when I wanted to carry some of the daily essentials (cards, cash, license, etc) without lugging a whole purse around. After many rough sketches and scribbled measurements on loose paper I came up with a pattern for a minimalist wallet that I’ve been carrying religiously for 5 years now. I sold many at craft fairs, I made a bunch to give away as gifts, and now I’ve digitized the pattern and illustrated the instructions so fellow Makers can enjoy it as well.


So this is Pixie – An understated essential, the ideal companion for busy outdoor markets, big summer festivals, or any occasion when you prefer to carry the bare necessities in your pocket and not slung over your shoulder. Downsizing to a bitty wallet has helped keep me organized and clutter free (no room for old receipts in here!), forcing me to evaluate what I’m holding on to and why. I like things that do that.


Over the years I’ve grown quite a large stash of scrap fabric and I’ve been longing for a way to downsize there, too. I enjoy quilting a great deal but it’s not my first love. I also enjoy simple, mood boosting projects that are as functional as they are fun to make. I can’t tell you how many zipper pouches I’ve made as a pick-me-up project following a garment fitting failure of epic proportions, and I use most of those pick-me-up pouches every day! Never underestimate the power of simple sewing.

So my mission was clear. I wanted to create a small, satisfying PDF pattern for serious Makers (aka fabric hoarders) with a stash to bust and a sew-jo to boost.


Speaking of sew-jo boosting, one of the best things about the Pixie pattern is there is no pattern assembly required! Each pattern piece fits on a sheet of paper so there’s no taping to be done. Just print it, cut it out, and start making. Instant gratification!

Not so instant was the making of this pattern which was certainly a labor of love for me. I did everything on my own. It certainly wasn’t the most efficient way for me to go about reaching a goal, but I wanted to see what I could push myself to do and learn. I have to say, I’m really proud of Pixie.


I had some friends and family test both the pattern and the instructions so I’m pretty confident I smoothed out any typos or other errors. …though I am human so we’ll see how that works out! 😉 One thing I did notice: When I first opened the PDF, some of the illustrations looked thick and distorted until I went into the Adobe Reader preferences and changes the settings. So for best viewing results in Adobe Acrobat Reader, select Edit > Preferences > Page Display > and in the Rendering section, uncheck the box that says “Enhance Thin Lines”. That might be a helpful tip for viewing other PDF sewing patterns, too!


Thank you to everyone who had a part in cheering me on as I worked towards this goal. That includes everyone who’s ever visited my blog and took an interest in something I’ve made or wrote (or rambled about). I’m looking forward to many more sew-jo boosting/scrap busting pattern releases in the future!

For a promotional kick-off, Pixie is on sale for just $5.00 from now through the 10th.
Please let me know if you have any trouble during the checkout process so I can address potential bugs ASAP!


p.s. The headband pattern will be released next as a FREE download to newsletter subscribers!