Another Lark Tee and McCall’s M7386

August 8, 2016

I’ve been wearing a lot of knit maxi skirts this summer because it’s been terribly hot in New York and I find them to be way cooler on the legs than jeans. I didn’t own any maxi skirts until this season but after buying a few second-hand skirts from thredUP and realizing they are in fact super comfortable in the summer, I knew it was time to make my own. Coincidentally Birch Fabrics just released a new collection called Tall Tales and asked if I’d like a few yards to show and tell.


Well of course I said yes because I love Birch and when I saw the collection I just about died of “OMG JACKALOPES!!!!” overload. Though I was tempted to make a skirt from super awesome jackalope print (I made a Pixie Wallet with it instead) I knew I’d wear the swallows print more, especially since I just bought this coral and white stripe jersey from Jo-Ann’s not too long ago and it matches so well.


It was my first time sewing this particular McCall’s pattern and I really can’t say enough good things about it! The silhouette is awesome and it was super simple to put together. It’s just two back pieces, the front piece, and your elastic. That’s it. The seam allowance for the pattern is 5/8ths and since I was sewing it all on my serger I went down a size. Overall I’m really happy with the fit but I could have taken up the hem just a tad in the back.

The interlock knit from Birch is a perfect pairing for a skirt like this. It’s got a structured drape with great weight and the right kind of stretch. As soon as their Saltwater collection comes out this fall I have plans for a few of those knit prints, too! Eh hem, did someone say Mermaids?!


I’ve made the Lark Tee a bunch of times now so in order to switch it up a bit I added some length and a curved hem. I wasn’t happy with the results the last time I tried a curved hem on a knit because it rolled up terribly, but this jersey doesn’t do that as much. I really like the way this version turned out and I’ve worn the shirt several times now since I finished it. It’s like Where’s Waldo with a twist! Maybe I should knit a hat to match? šŸ˜‰


Lately I’m really enjoying the challenge of sewing with stripes and I’m definitely proud of my craftsmanship here. Spending the extra time to measure everything up before cutting really paid off. I don’t strive for true perfection in anything that I do because I know it doesn’t exist, but each time I sew a new version of Lark I try to make my neckline binding a little neater or my twin needle stitching a little straighter, stripes a little matchy-er etc.

Repetition is really the only way to get better at anything. That and time.




How great is the hemline on this skirt?! It’s so mermaid-y! I want to make several more before summer ends but we’ll see how quickly I catch the Fall Sewing Bug and switch gears. I have a few more patterns from my 2016 Make Nine challenge to work through but I’m already considering a fall capsule wardrobe complete with velvet leggings and wool jersey t-shirt dresses.


In case you haven’t noticed I’m on a SEW ALL THE KNITS! kick lately. It’s funny because I used to hate sewing with knits! I thought they were too fussy to cut and sew (I like the stability of wovens) but after having some nightmare-ish fitting sessions on a few woven projects I learned to appreciate the forgiving nature of stretch. Now that I’m more experienced and more comfortable sewing with stretchy fabrics they’re really winning me over.

Not as much as this little Lucille face wins me over, though! Guuuuhhhhggg she’s so cute!


Knit fabrics and simple wardrobe basics are leading the way in ‘most favorite things’ for me so far this year. What types of fabrics and patterns have you been sewing with the most this summer? Do you have plans for fall yet? I see more Lark Tees and more Birch knits in my future for sure!