Three Things

Three Things V.7

August 23, 2016

Just a quick post today to share a couple of links and photos and things in groups of three. Why three? Well because it’s a nice round number and I like it 😉


Three Sewing Projects I’m About To Start:
1.) The new Rumi Tank/Dress by Christine Haynes – I had to buy a few cheap tank tops this summer for camp and the one I’ve been wearing the most looks an awful lot the version B of Rumi, so when I saw the pattern I couldn’t wait to scoop it up!

2.) The Driftless Cardigan by Grainline Studio – I bought this pattern ages ago and while I did pick up some knit fabrics specifically for boyfriend cardigans such as this one, I’ve yet to set aside the time to add Driftless to my handmade wardrobe. Hopefully the Fall weather will be here soon for an extra dose of motivation!

3.) Leggings – Just leggings. Any leggings. I pushed pause on the me-made leggings adventure because I had enough store-bought leggings at the time and I wanted to spend the effort and money on handmade things I actually needed. Well now my leggings are getting pretty stretched out and ratty looking so I think it’s time to start replacing my Old Navy ones (emphasis on the old).

Three Songs Stuck In My Head:
1.) Though my music taste has grown to be quite eclectic over the years, Pop Punk will always have a special place in my heart. It’s the genre I most identified with in High School and that tends to stick with you always. I still have a huge soft spot for bands like Blink 182, so I have to say I’m 100% on board with the “pop punk’s not dead” revival. I may or may not be seeing them live next month and I’m super excited about it (insert all the teen angst heart-eye emojis!! #OMGmarkhoppusandmattskiba)! This is one of their new songs.

2.) Speaking of comebacks/revivals, the new Monkees song is so freaking cute!

3.) “Get Better” by Bleachers – An uplifting indie rock anthem to get you through the day.

Three Knitting Patterns I’m Swooning Over:
1.) These comic book style fingerless mitts by Annie Watts are so awesome!

2.) I really need to attempt colorwork soon so I can eventually knit an epic pair of socks like these! Wow!

3.) Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without a hat pattern so here’s a new one by Okanagan Knit Co that I really love.


Three Yarns Companies I’m Swooning Over:

1.) Republic of Wool

2.) Spun Right Round – Renee is in my neck of the woods!

3.) Druzy Rising

Three Fabrics I “NEED” aka Want Very Badly:
1.) This brown and black sweater knit from Hart’s Fabric – Perfect for Driftless!

2.) This yarn dyed slub hatchi jersey knit that matches my Sleep Season Slouch hat!

3.) This medium weight cotton/polyester blend sweater knit that’s described as “extremely soft and luxurious” – Yes please!

Three Things Going On In My Life:
1.) I just got home from another fantastic week at the children’s dermatology camp where I volunteer. It’s a super special place for me and I’ve been going back for 13 summers now (14 if you count the year I attended as a camper). I wrote a blog post about it two years ago.

2.) If you’ll allow me to get all obnoxiously gushy here for a moment, I also recently celebrated a one year anniversary with my current “life adventuring partner” (I’ve never really liked the term “boyfriend” as an adult). I’ve known James for over a decade but reconnecting with him around this time last year was exactly what I needed to lift me out of a dim streak. There’s nothing like meeting someone who can constructively dump all your proverbial baggage onto the floor and then stand by you as you face it, learn from it, and then neatly fold it up and tuck it away. Personal growth doesn’t come without a push and I’ll never be more thankful for that kind of encouragement, even when it shattered my comfort zone. I want everyone to have a person like this in their life. It’s pretty awesome stuff <3

3.) My tendinitis is back full force and I start physical therapy on Thursday as a positive step towards getting better for good. My doctor suggested some nerve tests and possibly surgery too but we’ll see how things progress. If you have any personal experience with this I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! I’m trying to take it easy with crafting and blogging but it’s so hard to distance yourself from the things that you love and want to do everyday!


Three Things I’m Watching:
1.) How to Find Your Passion/Purpose via Shots of Awe on YouTube. This short clip inspired me so much and I actually did sit down and work out a formula for myself. I’m certainly on the right track to winning at life. YASSSSSSSS!

2.) Professional Yarn Dyeing at Home via Craftsy – I bought this class on sale last month and it’s so informative! Absolutely perfect for a beginner who’s obsessed with the idea of dyeing their own yarn. I can’t wait to buy the supplies to actually give it a try! Who wants newbie hand-dyed yarn for Christmas? 😉

3.) I found a new BBC show called The Living and the Dead that I’m liking so far. It’s an eerie, Victorian era supernatural period piece (you had me at supernatural period piece) and the costumes are fantastic!

Three Photos I’ve Taken:
1.) Photo one is a classic example of Lucille passive aggressively demanding attention. I was trying to take pictures of one of my Spoonflower prints but that was apparently an unacceptable thing to be doing. I needed to be petting her instead, which I did very shortly after this photo was taken. How could I ever deny that little face?!

2.) Photo two is a promo shot that I never really used. It features the fabric labels I had made several months ago via Dutch Label Shop. They’re such an amazing quality! I highly recommend them.

3.) Photo three is another unused promo shot of my fancy new business cards I designed and purchased through Moo Printing. I’m highly impressed with the quality of their products and would highly recommend them as well if you’re a Maker Boss in the market for that sort of thing!

That’s it for today. What are some of your “Three Things” lately?