Make Nine Challenge Sewing

True Bias Hudson Pants

August 1, 2016

ERMAHGERD! I finally made myself some Hudson Pants! This awesome pattern by Kelly of True Bias has been on my radar for a while now …probably years actually, and with a little extra motivation (i.e. my #2016MakeNine sewing challenge and two great fabrics) I now own a pair. Or I guess I could say this pair owns me since I haven’t taken them off in days! No shame.


First let’s talk about the fabric: The mustard dot is an organic interlock knit by Cloud9 (IRL the color looks slightly more green than gold) and the aqua rib knit is by Birch, both I bought at Finch when passing through Leesburg, VA last Christmas. I highly recommend both fabrics for a project like this! They were so great to work with, they’re the perfect weight, and even after wearing my new Hudsons for several days in a row they’re not bagging out all that much. I will definitely buy more for future projects!


I sewed the entire pattern on my serger making the construction super quick and easy. I cut a straight size 2 but widened the calf out by almost an inch for a roomier fit below the knee. I overestimated the new width when I tried to adjust the ankle cuff to match my alteration which led to a really loose, floppy looking leg opening. I wore them like that for a day before deciding to cut the cuffs off and make them tighter.



Taking the time to fix the cuffs made a HUGE difference in how wearable they feel to me so I’m glad I did it. If I was truly a perfectionist I would have cut a new waistband too since my grommets are the wrong way out but that doesn’t bother me. Some things are worth fixing, and some things are better left as lovely little personal reminders that you’re actually a human and not a real-life Fabric Wizard.

Okay maybe I can be a Fabric Wizard In Training since I’m not ready to give up on my dream of attending a Tim Gunn class at Hogwarts yet. Seriously though, after working through my last pair of similar pants you’d think I would have learned my lesson about the timing of grommets and bagginess of ankles! Oh well, third time’s a charm and all.


This next shot is for the one person who was just thinking “I wonder how the Hudsons fit in the back?” – Answer: roomy but not super diaper-y, even when sizing up on an understated posterior.

You’re welcome 😉 😉


Hey remember that one time I lifted 8lb weights for five minutes and instantly got super ripped and never had to workout again?! Yeah me either…


But all jokes aside, workout clothes are definitely creeping into my wardrobe as I come to terms with how weak my joints are and how much my cardiovascular endurance and flexibility has declined over the years. I want to work on that. It’s amazing how something as simple as a bright, colorful pair of stretchy pants makes me want to put them on and go run! Or, you know, jog slowly. But whatever. You have to start somewhere.




p.s. I’m revisiting my headband pattern so I can release it as a free bonus for newsletter subscribers! I’m trying to pace myself when it comes to computer work because I’m having tendinitis issues again, but more patterns are definitely in the works.

Super ramble-y unrelated side note: I’m boycotting eyebrow make-up this summer in favor of a “Claire Danes in Stardust” look. I love that movie! I also love being able to itch my face without potentially removing any features from my forehead. If dogs don’t need eyebrows then neither do I, right? That’s a rhetorical question. But I digress!


Well that’s all for today, I’d loooooove love love to hear your suggestions for other activewear/fitness inspired patterns and fabrics that you’ve had a great experience with in the past!