Plucky Knitter Marled Hat and yet another Lark Tee

September 1, 2016

Today I’m sharing my latest knitting project, The Marled Hat by Plucky Knitter. I actually finished this hat back in early July but we had such an insanely hot summer here in Western New York that I couldn’t even think about putting it on my head. Now that it’s September and the fall season is officially approaching it seems much more appropriate to wear a super thick wool hat.LuckyLucille_MarledHat02

This hat was SO quick to make and is an excellent project for a beginner. There are no decreasing stitches with this pattern, which was a nice break from DPNs, but I did find cinching and closing up so many stitches at the top to be pretty fussy. I was afraid I might break my yarn because I was pulling so tight to get the hole to close up neatly. In the end I left it a tiny bit gape-y and opted for a pretty pink pom pom to cover it. I like it better this way!


I used two worsted weight yarns from Quince & Co – Owl in Sokoke (a really pretty oatmeal grey) and Lark in Honey (my most favorite olive green color I’ve ever found!). Knitting with two strands of yarn together is something I’ve never tried before and I love the marbled effect it has. Owl is an alpaca blend so there’s some subtle variations in texture going on in this hat, too. Not to mention the twisted rib stitch at the brim adds a little extra visual interest.


This t-shirt I’m wearing is yet another version of Lark and though I’ve practically lived in it for months I’m just now getting around to blogging about it. I’ve worn it so much that the hem stitching has broken and started to unravel and the neckline is stretched beyond rebound (probably because I’ve slept in it once or twice). I don’t care. It’s currently my most favorite shirt I own and I want many, many more just like it. …MANY more.


Outfit Details:
Shirt Pattern – Lark by Grainline Studio
Hat Pattern – Marled by Plucky Knitter
Jeggings (GASP!) – American Eagle
Shoes – Clarks CloudSteppers
Belt – Target



I really want to invest in a pom pom maker now, 1.) because I think the world needs more pom poms and 2.) because my toilet paper tube attempt isn’t the most stable. I’m afraid the yarn strands will pull out over time but maybe if I’m careful it will last a good long while. We’ll see. All I know is it was nice to use up some scrap yarn while adding a little more of my favorite color pink to a project. If you can recommend a favorite pom pom maker doohickey thing I’d be most grateful! I want to make ALL THE POMS!


Well I’m afraid that’s gotta be it for today. I just started physical therapy for my arm/wrist issues (more on that later) and so far I’ve been really good about doing my daily stretches and taking breaks every hour to rest. One small step at a time and I’ll be back up to scratch soon 🙂


Are you shifting gears towards fall/winter crafting yet? What kinds of things do you have planned? I have sooooo many patterns saved to my Pinterest and Ravelry Library!