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A Coat For Lucille

If you’re not interested in seeing a million photos of Lucille’s super cute face then you might want to skip this post. …but seriously who doesn’t want to see pictures of cute dog faces?! No one I know, that’s for sure. Today I’m sharing another collaboration with Spoonflower and Sprout Patterns but this time I made something for Miss Lucky Lucille herself instead of sewing for me. Spoiler Alert: It’s a fleece dog coat with hot air balloons on it and it’s really cute (just like her face).


If you saw my custom Lakeside Pajamas back in January then you already know that Sprout Patterns is a really cool cut-and-sew pattern service brought to you by the awesome people at Spoonflower. I loved working with them the first time and mentioned I’d love the opportunity to partner with them in the future, so earlier in the summer when Sprout contacted me about their new Harley Dog Coat Pattern it was obviously a perfect reason to say yes again!


The Harley Dog Jacket comes in two styles: the Playdate Waistcoat and the Explorer Topcoat. The Playdate is a shorter length with a rounded edge and the Explorer is a longer length with more coverage. I chose the Explorer version for Lucille. As far as sizing goes, you have lots of options with the Harley Jacket. First determine whether your dog is a small, medium, or large breed, then choose small, medium, or large within your chosen breed size.

I measured Lucille following the guide on the pattern page and ended up picking the Medium Breed – Size Large for her. Though looking at the finished photos, maybe my little chub-a-lub porkchop could have fit into a bigger size!


After selecting a size I started browsing for fabric designs to customize Lucille’s jacket. I ended up picking one of Andrea Lauren’s prints (her block prints inspire me so much!), paired with one of my own block print designs from my Spoonflower shop. You have the option to pick two prints for the body of the coat but I decided I wanted more balloons.

My only complaint is with the print placement, though I had the option to fix it had I noticed it wasn’t seamless down the back. There’s a line where the balloon print repeats itself but you can barely tell. I think this happened because I couldn’t decide between two prints or a single print on the back. Had I stuck with one print initially, and not changed it to see what it would look like with two, I think it would have been truly seamless like in the other examples on the site – Just something to keep in mind if you’re designing your own Harley Jacket.

luckylucillesproutdogcoat_05(here’s Lucille reading me the sewing instructions after I cut everything out lol ^^)

Sewing projects like this are so ideal for a service like Sprout! They print your pattern pieces right onto the fabric substrate of your choice (I picked the fleece option) so all you have to do is cut around your pieces and then sew everything together! No cutting out a pattern first and then pinning it to your fabric only to cut around everything a second time. It’s like cutting out clothes for a paper doll, everything is neatly labeled and arranged on your yardage. All you have to do is cut and sew.





This jacket was so quick to make! You could easily cut and sew everything from start to finish in one afternoon, and that includes washing the fabric first. The part that was the most time consuming was trying to wake Lucille up from her nap and get her lazy bones out of her dog bed for long enough for me to mark where to sew the Velcro. I don’t think she was too upset about the interrupted nap though, she seems to really love her new coat 😉



I hadn’t sewn with the Spoonflower Fleece until this point but I really like it! It has a pretty flat pile, which makes sense when you’re digitally printing custom designs onto it, but the fiber is super dense and soft. I also love that Sprout accounts for potential shrinkage for each fabric and factors that into the layout of each project, so when you pre-wash (following their guidelines) you’re pulling something out of the dryer that’s exactly the size it should be! It’s genius.



In conclusion, Lucille and I are very happy with the Harley Jacket! Now that the weather has cooled down I know she’ll get a lot of wear out of it. A huge thanks to Sprout Patterns for contacting us with the opportunity to review another amazing project (check out my Lakeside Pajamas if you missed them the first time around)! To all my friends at Sprout and Spoonflower, Lucille sends a bunch of snuggles and smooches your way 😉


A disclaimer aka some law jargon: I received the Harley Jacket project courtesy of Sprout Patterns in exchange for a review, no monetary compensation was exchanged, all views are honest and my own, etc etc etc.

  • Antony N Jilly

    Your dog is adorable what kind is she? She is so precious! I love her coat, it is so cute!
    Jilly oxo

    • Thank you! She’s a rescued Pit Bull and she is indeed precious 🙂 xo

  • N. Jefferson Ltd.

    Lucille may just be the most precious little creature in the world! She’s so mellow and seems to love being dressed up too. The cutest little model ever! Inspires me to start doing posts on pet DIYs. Very, very cute!
    N. Jefferson Ltd. –

  • This is just beyond cute! If only I had a dog to put one on – somehow I don’t think the cat would appreciate it.

  • Knitknit

    Lucky Lucille looks fabulous! My fluffy would love this. I will make it with this amazing Cotton sateen from Mood Fabric.
    Do you think cotton sateen would work for this?

  • This mightttttt be the most amazing thing you have every made! Lucille is a lucky and stylish pup! Well, she always has been, but especially more so.

  • Awwww Lucille is the cutest, and she looks so happy in her jacket!!

  • Well I love the dog photos especially that one of her looking up at the camera, so sweet! Lovely to sew for them and keep them warm

    • Thank you! I really should do more sewing for Lucille. She has very short fur and likes to wear coats 🙂

  • slow mindful living

    Beautifully chic Miss Lucille???? Are you by any chance a Staffordshire terrier? ????

    • I had her DNA tested after I adopted her and she’s mostly American Staffordshire mixed with Mini Bull Terrier. That’s why she’s so short and has a slimmer face 🙂 I love Staffies!

  • Shawn

    Miss Lucille you are so adorable. Ordering a Top Coat for my Miss Sadie Grace (beagle) Now to just make the big decision which fabric print. Sooooo many to chose from.

    • She says thank you 😉 I hope Sadie loves her new coat!

  • DIY Wardrobe

    So, so cute. If only my dog would wear a coat..!

    • Lucille loves coats and sweaters! …Probably because she has very little fur and gets cold easily lol. If she had fur like a real dog then I bet she would have less interest in wearing clothes 😉

  • Christine Griffin

    Lucille you look amazing!! I wish my puppies would wear jackets. I’m excited to here the fleece is nice. Might make nice warm winter pjs 🙂

    • She says thank you 😉 The fleece is great! It has a stiffer drape but would still work well for PJ bottoms. It’s really soft! I enjoyed working with it a lot.


  • Too cute! I’d love to be able to make one for each of our dogs….but I can almost guarantee they don’t go to Wolfhound size. :-). Maybe the smaller dogs will get lucky!

    Lucille is SO cute!

    • Caroline

      Hi! There is a large size XL that would probably fit! see the size chart here:

      • I looked at it, but it’s not quite large enough in length or drop. It’s OK – I’m sure I can fit some of our other dogs! 🙂

        • Oooooo Wolfhounds are such beautiful dogs! Maybe if you ordered a smaller size for the other doggies you could trace off the pieces first and make a custom pattern to alter for the gentle giant 😉