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Fall Sewing & Knitting Progress

October 20, 2016

Last weekend I made some great progress on my Fall wardrobe plans! Over the past year my most worn/most loved sewing projects have been the simple ones made from stretchy fabrics and I’m proud of myself for concentrating more on sewing for necessity above all else, making basic wardrobe staples instead of dresses I never end up wearing. Last winter my go-to cold weather uniform included comfy tunics paired with leggings and slouchy sweaters, so I’m off to a good start in my quest to creating a wearable me-made wardrobe that I’m happy with.

I’ll share full blog posts about each of these items soon, but here’s a peek at what I’ve been working on lately.


I made my first Hemlock Tee, a one-size-fits-all pattern by Grainline Studio that’s available for free if you sign up for their newsletter. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the oversized shape on me or not but turns out I love it!

Long time blog readers know I’ve struggled with sewing things I actually wear all the time, but with knitting I’ve always been on the right track. I know I love knitting hats and other accessories because I know I love wearing hats and accessories like cowl scarves. I’ve been making some slow progress on the Greyhaven cowl, being careful not to aggravate my tendinitis.


I made two t-shirt dresses using the Lark pattern and have worn them both a few times already. It feels so good to wear handmade things that you’re proud of and actually want to wear all the time! Since starting physical therapy for my wrist I’ve been much more aware of how I’m spending my time with sewing and knitting. More than ever I’ve come to appreciate the super simple sewing projects that I can make on my serger and finish very quickly.


Next on my list of sewing projects are comfy sweaters like Driftless by Grainline Studio and Oslo by Seamwork, as well as leggings like Sloan by Hey June and Ooh La La by Papercut Patterns.

I’ve been following along with Me Made May and Slow Fashion October for years, learning a little bit about myself and my style each time. Since I started sewing my goal has always been to have a me-made wardrobe but I totally underestimated how much of an epic journey it is (at least for me!) to figure that all out in order to achieve that kind of goal.

If Slow Fashion October has taught me anything it’s to appreciate the type of slow that accompanies figuring out your personal style, especially when you have limitations regarding time and physical ability. Slow progress is still progress!

I’ll share full blog posts about each of these new projects soon, but until then I’d love to hear what your sewing/knitting plans are for the new season!