My Top Five Sewing Projects of 2016

December 5, 2016

You’ve probably seen this circulating around the interwebs already but if you haven’t, it’s an awesome series to join! Gillian at Crafting A Rainbow always does a great month of roundup posts for the end of the year. She calls it ‘Top Five’ and coincidentally this is the fifth year it’s been running. There are five prompts to share between now and the new year: 1.) Top five hits, 2.) Top five misses, 3.) Top non-sewing highlights, 4.) Top five reflections, and 5.) Your top five goals for 2017. You can read more about it on Gillian’s blog, and read more about my top five “hits” of 2016 below!

I made my first Lark Tee shirt by Grainline Studio this year and it was by far my most used and most loved pattern of 2016. I made more than five versions of this pattern over the course of the year but here are my five favorites, the “hits”…



Number 1.)
The first Lark Tees to grace my blog were in a review post for Organic Cotton Plus back in March. I’m super proud of my stripe matching, here! After sewing these first two versions (second one pictured in my original post) I was completely hooked and almost immediately set out to sew more versions.



Number 2.)
The next Lark variation I’m sharing is a long sleeve version I made in collaboration with the Mood Sewciety blog back in April. I wear this shirt ALL THE TIME. This project was a bit of a turning point in my motivations to sew my own clothes. I found a new love for sewing super plain, basic things when I realized how much I actually wear plain basic things.




Number 3.)
Another Lark Tee variation I love and wear a lot is this striped version with a curved shirt tail hem that I shared in August. By this point in the year I was super excited about sewing striped fabrics and loved the challenge of trying to get it just right. I actually started seeking out stripes and no longer felt intimidated by them – that’s something I never would have said last year!




Number 4.)
This Lark Tee wins for the most number of days worn! I first shared this shirt in a blog post in September but I actually finished sewing it in May, and since that month I very easily wore it once a week, and I absolutely wore it several times a month. It’s made from my most favorite fabric I’ve ever found (sooooo soft and light!) and even though the neckline is completely stretched out, and the threads of my first attempt at twin-needle-ing are unraveling at the hem, I wear this shirt religiously.




Number 5.)
Finally I’m sharing my most recent version of Lark, one I haven’t officially blogged about but mentioned in October, is a really simple dress version. This is another garment that I keep reaching for over and over, especially now that I can pair it with leggings in the cooler months.


There are so many things I learned this year about finding joy in sewing super basic things in plain fabrics but I’ll save those reflections for a future Top Five prompt. I will say that I’m super happy with my 2016 sewing efforts and finally feel like I’m on the right track towards my dream wardrobe goals!

What are your favorite sewing projects this year?

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