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Five Goals and a Spirit Word for 2017

January 6, 2017

I have three completed sewing projects to share with you this month but I wanted to finish the last week in Gillian’s Top Five round up first, and this prompt is all about goals. I already set a few sewing and knitting goals with my 2017MakeNine challenge but it’s essential to get specific about your aspirations in order to have a clear vision of what you’re actually working towards. If I were to pick one “spirit word” to channel in 2017 it would be BUILD. This year I will build a wardrobe, build strength, and build a brand.

I have two goals that relate to building up my homemade clothing this year and they are 1.) Create a capsule style wardrobe full of repeatable, mix-and-match basics, so I can 2.) Participate in Me Made May – Like, for real this time. It’s been my goal to participate in MMM for years now and each time I do it I get a few days in and realize I’m not actually ready. And that’s fine because that’s kind of the point of Me Made May – to evaluate what you’re making and wearing as much as what you’re not making and wearing. This past year was a really excellent year for me in terms of discovering the kinds of things I DO like to make and wear, so now I’m feeling really and truly prepared for Me Made May.

…you know, after I sew a bunch more things 😉

Goal number three involves building strength and endurance so I can run my first ever 5k. I’ve gotten into running a bit on and off over the past year but it’s hard for me to stay motivated without an answer to the question “Why am I doing this?” …I mean even Forest Gump had a deeper reason to run, because without a reason you’re not a “runner” you’re just someone who ran a handful of times because “health and stuff”. That was me until this year.

Soooooo I got online and I searched for 5k’s in my area and it didn’t take long for me to find a cause I want to support. Actually this one kind of feels like kismet so I’ve got an even deeper, deeper meaning to want to commit to this. The Right to Run 5k (or 19k if I’m insane) happens in May in Seneca Falls, NY which was the site of the first ever Women’s Rights Convention in 1848. The race event is a fundraiser to benefit the future home of The National Women’s Hall of Fame, which just so happens to be the old Seneca Knitting Mill that they’re rebuilding to become The Center for Great Women.

How perfect is that?! They’re rebuilding a knitting mill to better support those who support women. I’m all in!

Actually the race isn’t only for women and when I told my boyfriend I wanted to run it his response was “Sounds good, when can we sign up?” – So we’re all in.

Goals 4 and 5 are to build a product and also a service. I want to be a designer. I always, always have. Ask my parents how many childhood sketch books are filled with stuff I’ve designed. What I completely and utterly underestimated in my adult life is how much time it takes to get there – How much time it takes to hash out the bigger picture and all the small details that build it up, especially when attempting this all by yourself. …but I’m getting there.

I spent all of last year developing patterns behind the scenes. I really enjoy making small accessory items that I can use and/or carry with me every single day. I find so much satisfaction in the small projects and I want to share that. Sometimes I get the itch to sew and I just want to make SOMETHING. When that happens, sewing a super simple throw pillow or cat nip toy for my cats does it for me. That makes me happy. Just. Making. Things.

But not just any things, useful things. Things like the workhorse essentials and the understated items that become part of your daily routine whether you think about it or not.

There’s a lot of glory and validation in sewing a pair of jeans and sharing it with the world via social media but I find just as much glory and personal satisfaction in sewing a zipper pouch and sharing it with no one but myself. I know there are others out there who know what that feels like. I can’t tell you how many simple cloth napkins I made for Christmas and how gratifying it felt to sew mitered corners! I’ve always loved sewing basic things on this level but there is some amount of subtle pressure when you’re a blogger to prove your skill level by making more advanced, complicated items to show you’ve graduated past a beginner. I’ve learned to express that in more subtle ways like with straight edge-stitching and clean hem lines, with t-shirts and hats that no one asks if I made but I know I did and that’s all that matters.

This year I will do and share more of what I’ve grown to be most passionate about – the basics.

I’m launching Home Row Fiber Co. in the Spring where I’ll sell the sewing and knitting patterns I’ve been working on, but I also want to share lots of free tutorials for others like me who really enjoy ‘the smalls’ and live for the plain, simple joy of making. I’m re-releasing my Pixie Wallet pattern this month, I’m sending my first knitting pattern off to a tech editor soon and I also have a project bag in development for the fellow sewers who also knit. I have a year’s worth of so many more small things that are 30/50/75% done, but again, I am one person and there’s only so much time I can make.

But soon! Soon I will have more to share.
Thanks for following me on this journey <3


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