Grainline Studio Lark Tee with a Curved Hem

January 18, 2017

Yes. This is a blog post about yet another Lark Tee. I’ve sewed the Lark t-shirt sooooooo many times now and I’ll never stop. There are a ton of other t-shirt options out there but I tried the Lark first and it fit me so well that I stopped looking for other patterns, and I’m totally okay with that. I don’t feel a need for pattern variety or to spend money on other patterns. I’m interested now in more of a capsule approach to my pattern stash so be prepared to see a ton of repeats from me this year – It’s actually what I’m striving for! I did add some small modifications to this version though, just to mix things up a bit.

Right away you’ll notice the extended, curved hem. This was a really easy mod to do! I just traced the bottom of one of my RTW tank tops with the same shape and added the piece as an extension to the original Lark pattern. I also cut the neckband binding just a bit thicker than normal, plus I added separate cuffs to the cap sleeve pattern piece. I really enjoy adding small customized touches to patterns to really make them my own. That’s the magic of sewing your own clothes!

If you’ve ever sewn a button-up shirt you know it can be fiddly to turn up the hem on a curve like this. My go-to trick for wovens with this shape is to use bias tape on the hem, and that’s exactly what I did for my t-shirt (except I used a strip of the knit fabric instead of woven bias tape). It’s even easier to hem knits using this method because of the forgiving stretch, plus you don’t have to cut the fabric strip on the bias grain which conserves a lot of yardage.

The fabric I used is a great, hearty t-shirt knit in the perfect rustic peach color! I’m kind of obsessed with this color lately if you couldn’t tell by my hair. I never thought I’d be so into wearing neutral nudes like this but INSERT ALL THE HEART-EYE EMOJIS HERE! Seriously. Obsessed.

I bought the fabric from which has been my favorite place to buy knits lately. They’re inexpensive and even when I get stuff that is different than I expected (I actually pictured this rust fabric a little darker/more orange when I ordered it) I still end up with some really usable gems.

Now that I’ve narrowed down some favorite patterns with a really good fit I’ll branch out and invest in more expensive knits, but if you’re still learning or experimenting with new patterns, you might like Denver Fabrics. This isn’t a sponsored post, I just really like them. The only thing I could complain about is their shipping feels sooooo slow when you’re spoiled by Amazon Prime’s free 2-day option. But anyways…

I used my serger for the main construction and a tiny basic zig-zag for all of the top-stitching. After writing the post about how to hem knits without a coverstitch machine I totally swore off the twin needle in favor of the zig-zag. It’s fuss free and it works, plus from far away it looks like a regular straight stitch. I’m at the point in my sewing career where I don’t want to struggle to perfect a tool just for the sake of my clothing looking “less homemade”. I just don’t care about mastering a twin-needle on knits. #teamzigzagnowandforever

(I had to throw this one in because of Lucille’s cute little photobombing snoot! ^^)

I’m utterly in love with the texture of this fabric. It’s lightweight but feels very stable and has just the right amount of drape for a basic t-shirt like Lark. I wish I could find more of it in other colors! This is actually the second time I’ve used this same fabric, I made a dress version of Lark a few months ago but it hasn’t graced the blog yet except briefly in this post.

This is by far my favorite t-shirt I’ve ever made, and you can go ahead and laugh at me for saying that exact same thing every time I blog about a new Lark! I particularly love the cut of this one for its perfect coverage over leggings, and since I want to sew ALL THE LEGGINGS this year, and replace all my RTW t-shirts with me-made versions, I guess I’ll also be sewing alllllll the curved-hem Lark Tees.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Man I’m feeling so productive so far this year! I hope I can stay motivated and keep the momentum going (eh hem, except my sewing machine is getting repaired this week so the momentum is currently paused). I really seem to have found my stride with sewing basics in various knits. Me Made May, I’m so ready for you!!