New Pattern! The Mattock Cowl

April 6, 2017

Just a quick post today to announce the release of my first knitting pattern in case you missed the initial release announcement. Here’s the Mattock Cowl! Mattock is a convertible, textured cowl with functional buttons and lots of styling options. Inspired by the rolling farmlands and vineyards surrounding New York’s Finger Lakes region, Mattock features bold, alternating stripes of ribbing and seed stitch. This cowl is deceptively simple to make and easy to memorize, especially for knitters who have prior experience with ribbing and seed stitch. If you’ve never knit a button-hole before don’t shy away from this pattern, it includes the simplest one you can do!

You can find the Mattock Cowl for sale in the Home Row shop and also in the Ravelry marketplace.

In the non-knitting world, a mattock is a type of agricultural hand tool similar to a pickaxe. I really liked that name when I stumbled across it and it pairs well with my original inspiration for the pattern. In fact all current and future Home Row patterns are named after something related to nature/agriculture/farming/food (the Pixie Wallet is named after a small woodland sprite and also a cookie!).

I designed Mattock back in November while Lucille was recovering from surgery. Poor thing had 20 stitches between two incisions and was terribly uncomfortable even with medication. I slept on the floor with her and barely left her side (which actually isn’t that different from any normal day, she’s sleeping next to me right now as I type, but still…). Even though I tried to keep a calm presence for her I was a ball of anxiety and stress as I waited for the results of her mass cell tumor extraction. I decided to channel that anxiety into something constructive so I grabbed some paper, a pen, some yarn, and some needles and hashed out every detail of this scarf pattern one stitch at a time, right beside my baby Lu. I love knitting because you can do it anywhere. I couldn’t have been so close to her while working at my sewing machine so knitting is special to me in this way. I’m thrilled to have something tangible that I can wear and love all the time to remind me of my ability to turn stress into progress, plus I have a real pattern to show for it!

Lucille’s surgery was a success, by the way, and she’s now cancer free! We celebrated her 11th birthday right around the time I released Mattock 🙂 

I used Quince & Co’s Lark yarn in the Honey colorway for this version of Mattock. I love this yarn for its sturdy ply, structured hand and awesome stitch definition! For a full list of supplies needed, please see the pattern listing on my shop page or Ravelry.

Thanks for taking a look at my newest pattern!

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