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Summer Of Basics Make-Along

June 6, 2017

Since sharing my story about Ichthyosis I’ve been thinking a lot more deeply about my skin and how it influences what I wear, and therefore what I knit and sew. In the past I’ve worn styles of clothes that did me no justice on the comfort front and as I get older I have to laugh a bit at myself for “suffering” needlessly just to look …stylish? …cool? I don’t really know. All I know now is: I want to look happy above all things, and I’m happiest when I’m sewing and knitting clothes I feel physically comfortable in. With that said, let’s talk basics!

I love basics. I live in basics. All I’ve sewn over the past year (or two?) have been basics. T-shirts, leggings, cozy joggers and comfy shorts – all those plain, basic garments that I completely overlooked in years past are now my go-to favorites! So when I read about the Summer Of Basics Make-Along on the Fringe website (found via Jen’s post at Grainline Studio) I knew it was the perfect mini challenge for me.

This summer is going to be soooooo SO busy with moving to a new town as well as stepping into a bigger, very exciting role at camp so I know I need to Make with a more pinpoint focus if I’m going to budget my time well. Small challenges like this are perfect for doing exactly that. A need for pinpoint focus is what inspired me to start the Make Nine challenge and I appreciate Fringe Supply Co a lot for their consistent reminders to be a more conscious, present Maker.

photo credits: Quince&Co (left) and YOTH Yarns (right)

Okay, okay so enough rambling, what am I making?! The first project I want to make is the Del Sol tank top designed by Veronika Jobe for YarnOnTheHouse. I wear basic tank tops ALL THE TIME, and though I’ve sewn several versions in knit fabrics, I’ve never actually knit a knit version. I’m looking at the Quince&Co linen yarn Sparrow in the color Pink Grapefruit. I already have basic tanks in olive green, dark grey, cream, and rust/nude so I think a pop of summer color is in order!

photo credits: Me! (left) and Mood Fabics (right)

For my next basic garment I want to sew another version of McCalls MP218, a super easy, super flattering maxi skirt with a mermaid silhouette – perfect for me! Last summer I surprised myself with how often I wore maxi skirts. I love them for breezy coolness and effortless comfort with the benefit of full coverage when I want it …which is pretty much always. I love this textured knit fabric in olive green from Mood!

photo credits: Mood Fabrics (left) and Patterns For Pirates (right)

Last but not least is a garment that I wear so often, and the fact that I’ve never created a me-made version makes absolutely no sense. A slouchy, semi-cocoon style cardigan is something I wear almost daily. I’m not exaggerating either, I have a favorite version of the same style of cardigan for every season and I wear them religiously. I know I want to make it out of a sheer, gauzy knit. Just a thin layer to provide a bit of extra protection from direct sunlight in the summer is great. I’m not fully committed to the fabric color yet since I have some cream colored versions already… maybe I want grey instead? After browsing the web for a while I think this cocoon cardigan pattern by Patterns For Pirates is perfect! It looks to be the exact shape and drape as my favorite RTW versions. Yasss!

I have three months to finish all of my chosen garments which is plenty of time for the skirt and cardigan but we’ll see how quickly I can knit my tank top!

Are you participating in the Summer of Basics challenge? Which patterns have you picked?