Sharing Sources: Dutch Label Shop

August 2, 2017

True story: when Dutch Label Shop contacted me recently offering to exchange their product for a blog review I had already bought labels from them on two previous occasions (when I had personal Rochelle New labels made). I already knew I trusted their product and would recommend it, in fact I had already recommended them to several friends, so accepting their offer was really just a wonderful bonus for me. …and for you!*

*Stay tuned for a discount code on Instagram later today if you’d like to try some Dutch labels for yourself 😉

I first discovered Dutch Label Shop in March of 2016 when fabric designer Tula Pink mentioned them on Instagram. I almost immediately went to their site to see how much they would cost and how easily I could have some made for myself. Much to my surprise, I found the labels to be extremely affordable starting at only $17.00 for 30 woven basic labels that you design yourself using their templates.

You can also go above the basic, text-based woven labels and upload your own logo artwork for a super custom option, which is what I chose for both my personal labels and my Home Row labels. Not only can you customize the text and artwork on the labels, but the size and style of the label as well. They have both sew-in and iron-on versions depending on your preference.

I’ve mentioned Dutch Label Shop here and there in the past but I haven’t, before today, dedicated a whole post to their product. I’m sharing this post with you in case you’re also a maker in small biz and you’re looking for professional fabric labels at a reasonable price. It’s the little details like these labels that really add an extra something special to your handmade products, or gifts, or even your personal sewing projects. I don’t want to keep my sources a secret, especially when not all that long ago I found myself googling “custom fabric labels” for my own products and projects.

I’m always so thankful for makers who share their sources. It’s helped me so much in the past when I stumble upon hashtags and links to companies who supply these little pieces. I hope that at least a few of you are learning about Dutch Label Shop for the first time and it’s a piece of the puzzle you’ve been searching for!

Be sure to check-in with me later on Instagram (@homerowfiberco) for a discount code to use towards some fabric labels of your own 🙂

Hope everyone’s having a great week!