My #2018MakeNine Picks

January 5, 2018

After much deliberation I’ve finally narrowed down my #2018MakeNine choices! Some projects are very specific, and others I have loose guidelines set for myself with more flexibility of pattern choice. I didn’t complete many patterns on last year’s list, but the ones I did finish I OVER completed, meaning I made multiples that totaled well over 9 things by the end of the year. In 2017 I learned several things about what I like to make and wear, so that’s definitely not a total “fail” as far as my list of goals goes!

I learned last year that I don’t have a lot of extra personal time for sewing since launching Home Row Fiber Co, so the sewing patterns on my list this year need to be ones I could finish in a day. I also kind of stopped wearing woven fabrics at some point last year. I had plans to sew a button-up but then I rarely wore my favorite RTW button-up so there was really no need to replace it. I guess I just really love wearing knits! Speaking of: Knitting projects are much easier for me to store and complete little by little, so I don’t mind never being able to finish an entire knitting project in a weekend, that’s not really the point for me. I knit a lot to combat anxiety and my favorite projects are the ones with lots of stockinette or really simple texture that I can get lost in.

Sooooo basic knits to sew, and basic knits to knit are my two biggest goals this year! …nothing really new there actually haha!

Starting at the top left…

Project One: Knit a pair of mittens using the magic loop technique, using yarn in my stash.
I’m in serious need of a pair of mittens, especially in the midst of this “bomb cyclone” weather that’s hit the east coast. I think this project would be perfect to learn the magic loop technique since that’s new-to-me, too! I have plenty of yarn in my stash already to shop from, but I do need to invest in a long circular needle for magic loop. The mitten pattern shown above is by Jocelyn Tunney at O-Wool. There’s a Craftsy class I might get too just to take the guesswork out of everything. Time is of the essence!

Project Two: Sew a basic knit tunic to wear over leggings.
Back in January 2017 I made a Lark Tee with a curved hem and I wore it more than any other t-shirt over the course of the year! It’s definitely my most worn/most loved shirt. The length and hem shape looked so nice over basically anything – jeans, leggings, and skirts. This year I want to make a few more, maybe with a sliiiiiiightly longer length for a bit more bum coverage over leggings.

Project Three: Knit the Veronika Cardi in Balance yarn.
I bought the Veronika Cardi pattern, by Shannon Cook, last year but never made time to start it. Or even buy the yarn for it! I usually buy just one or two skeins at a time since I like small projects best and this cardigan definitely calls for more than that. This year I’m already way ahead of myself, I bought a lovely small mountain of O-Wool Balance in the color Peridot. It’s such a pretty color!!

Project Four: Sew a pair of leggings with a wide waistband and lower rise.
I really like the Ooh La Leggings I made last year, in fact I made two pairs (one was never blogged) but I rarely wore them because the waist is so high. I’ve had acid reflux for years now and I really can’t wear anything tight around my waist anymore. It’s physically hurts me. I’m looking at the new Shelly Leggings by Seamwork and I think these may be the perfect ones for me!

Project Five: Make a new scrap quilt for Lucille.
I made my very first quilt back in 2014 and Lucille quickly claimed it as her own. She and I loved that quilt and we got so much use out of it over the years. Last month Lucille was hospitalized for several days after a new medication she was prescribed triggered a serious hemorrhagic gastric ulcer and then septicemia. They took such excellent care of her while she was in intensive care and she’s now pretty much fully recovered, but her blankie got lost somewhere in the shuffle. I’m not sure which pattern I’ll pick yet but I’ll definitely only use scraps from my stash to make it.

Project Six: Sew a comfortable, convertible Maxi Dress.
The particular pattern I have featured on my board is the Delphi Dress by Named Patterns. This one appeals to me, not only because it’s adorable, but also because I think I could hack it into a dress, a skirt, and a crop top all from the same pattern pieces.

Project Seven: Knit a hat or shawl with multiple colors, only using yarn from my stash.
As I mentioned earlier, I knit to relax and/or to combat anxiety. My favorite projects are the ones that involve really simple texture patterns or large chunks of garter or stockinette that I can get lost in and Zen everything else out. I love using variegated yarns and letting the colors speak for themselves within the project. I have a lot of yarn in my stash that’s just one lone skein or a small ball leftover from a hat, so I want to knit a hat (Yes, another one. No I don’t have a problem okay?!) or a scarf using many different colors. Maybe one of the fade shawls by Andrea Mowry.

Project Eight: Sew a pair of versatile lounge pants that can be adapted for multiple seasons and multiple fabrics.
“These are my going-out sweatpants”. That’s what I want to be able to say when I get dressed in the morning. I want secret pajamas all day everyday. That’s not so much to ask, right? I’ve had the Alexandria Peg Pants on my list for a while now and I finally bought the pattern last month during Named’s holiday sale. Going-out/Sleeping-in pants shall be mine!

Project Nine: Knit at least one gift for a friend or family member.
This one is really simple – Knit at least one gift for a friend or family member using yarn from my stash. I can only knit myself so many hats before it’s a little excessive! …okay maybe I do in fact have a hat knitting addiction.


That’s it for my list! Are you following the #2018MakeNine hashtag on Instagram? I love getting everyone’s boards in my feed, it’s so energizing and inspiring! Also, if you’re not on Instagram you can absolutely participate in Make Nine. Just share your goals as blog posts instead! I’d say most makers are doing both šŸ™‚

Here’s to a really wonderful new year!