Love to Sew Podcast

February 20, 2018

You guys! Very exciting news. I’ve recently had the pleasure of chatting with Helen and Caroline of the amazing Love To Sew podcast! This was my first time ever being on a podcast and the Love To Sew Ladies are totally easy-to-talk-to hosts …but it’s so weird to hear myself talk about myself haha! There is so much I wish I could have elaborated on, so much I could have stated a little differently, but overall it was a wonderful experience and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to chat about some of my most favorite things.

Before you listen though you should read my Ichthyosis Awareness Month blog post and Lucille’s adoption story if you haven’t already. It will make the episode much more meaningful and will help fill the gaps in things I didn’t say.

I also want to state for the record that my lifemate, James, whom I did not talk about (but who is absolutely amazing and wonderful and I could easily talk for hours on how much he’s made a positive impact on my life) is obviously NOT going to kill me for admitting that my one true “love at first sight moment” did not involve him haha! He and I joke about it. He gets it. That’s why he’s a keeper šŸ˜‰

Anyways, if you’re into it, you can listen to me ramble on about some pretty deep topics over on the Love To Sew podcast!

Huge thanks to Helen and Caroline for inviting me on. I loved every minute of it! <3