My First Mittens!

February 8, 2018

Oh hey there! It’s been a while, huh? One of my goals this year is to get my blogging groove back. I can’t make any promises as to how often I’ll be able to post, but I am going to make an effort to make time for personal projects …and then actually share those projects when they’re finished! The #2018MakeNine challenge is certainly helping me stay motivated to do that. Speaking of, I’m pleased to report I’ve finished one project off my Make Nine list already – My very first pair of mittens!

My most successful sewing/knitting projects are always the ones I make out of necessity. Funny how that works. I’m aiming to take more of a practical standpoint on my making goals for 2018, learning new techniques while making things I actually need. These mittens are a perfect example.

Pattern: Basic Classic Worsted Mittens by Jocelyn Tunney of O-Wool
Yarn: Domestic Worsted in Castaway by Magpie Fibers

Not only did I make an item that I actually needed, but I pushed myself to learn a new skill: making said mittens, my first-ever pair, and also a new technique: magic loop. I’ve been meaning to learn the magic loop technique for ages now but never sat down and committed to learning it. Spoiler alert: IT IS ACTUALLY MAGICAL. Like, really. Now I feel ready to tackle sweaters!

I’m 100% a visual learner so I bit the bullet and paid for a Craftsy Unlimited subscription since I didn’t want to risk buying a bunch of classes that might not actually help me. I switched between this magic loop class while referencing “my first mittens” and had great success making my wool paddle covers! …I mean mittens.

There’s always room for improvement on a first-ever project, of course. I had a pretty big hole to seam up at the inside thumb and the fit isn’t perfect, but other than that I am definitely giving myself a pat on the back for a great many goals accomplished! (insert two mitten-clad thumbs up)

How are you doing on your Make Nine goals so far? It’s never too late to join in!


p.s. I’m sort of in love with my new Deerly Beloved bandana and think it looks excellent as a backdrop!