Goldfinch Shawl

April 22, 2018

Long time no see, friends! What’s new? I’ve been doing an outrageous amount of sewing lately but none of it has been for personal projects like garments (womp womp woooommmmmp). In fact, one of the biggest downsides of sewing for business is I constantly feel guilty about trying to start sewing projects that aren’t work related. I know, I know, I’m working on setting better boundaries for myself. Soon I’ll allow weekends to be strictly for sewing for me! …eventually. Once I get caught up on deadlines.

…but anyways, I have a finished project to show you!

This is the Goldfinch Shawl by Drea Renee Knits and it just so happens to be one of my #2018MakeNine projects. Woo hoo! Check another one off my list! It was my goal this year to show my yarn stash some love and choose a knitting project using multiple colors. I originally told myself I’d ONLY use yarn from my stash but I didn’t have any good neutrals, so I broke my rule a bit and bought some. More on my yarn choices in a sec…

My mom had surgery recently so I needed a knitting project to start while I was at the hospital and various doctors appointments with her. I got a huge chunk of this shawl done in just a few days but was slow to finish the last big section of lace. This is a PERFECT pattern for those who get bored of larger projects with only one texture throughout. Every time a section started to feel a little “meh” (*cough* lace short rows *cough*) I realized I had just a few rows left and then it was on to a new color.

I’ve been hanging onto these gorgeous mustard gold and seafoam green alpaca yarns for ages now and once I put the two colors together I couldn’t get them out of my head. I’m completely obsessed! They’re not the same weight but I decided I didn’t care. The Goldfinch shawl actually calls for bigger yarn and larger needles than what I ultimately used but I was aiming for more of a mini shawl/big scarf situation instead. It all worked out quite well!

Yarns Used:
Blue Sky Fibers, Baby Alpaca in ‘Dijon’
The Fibre Company, Canopy in ‘Fern’
Quince & Co., Finch in ‘Audouin’

(also wearing a vintage men’s army shirt and an organic cotton maxi dress from Pact fair-trade apparel)

This shawl was a project of many firsts. I usually stick to knitting hats because I like hats, I wear hats a lot, and knitting hats is fun and easy (and perfect for my attention span). However, I found myself plateauing as a knitting, not pushing myself to really learn anything new or branch out. It happens. We as Makers just get comfortable in what we know and like and that’s totally fine! But I decided it was time to venture outside my comfort zone again.

Here’s a list of all the things in this project that were firsts for me: First shawl, first project using multiple colors, first time knitting short rows, first time knitting lace short rows.

I can’t believe I waited so long to do all of these things! They’re so fun!!

On another note, today was the first REAL day of Spring we’ve had so far and it was so, so wonderful to feel warmth and sunlight again. Up until yesterday it had been snowing on and off consistently, which gives me an excuse to wear my new shawl for a lot longer, but still. It’s felt like a never-ending winter which hasn’t done my Seasonal Affective Disorder any favors. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that Spring is finally hanging up her coat and sticking around for good this time!

Please, Spring? Please stay?