Chip and SqEarl are Friends

June 25, 2018

Over the weekend I was at my mom’s house visiting and I decided to bring my camera along. Knowing I’m making an effort to reclaim and re-love this blog space, and planning to post at least once a week now on Monday’s, I figured I may be able to get some pictures of stuff and things. My mom has an awesome back yard with a little island in the middle flush with wildlife feeders of all kinds. Sitting and watching all the furry and feathered woodland creatures cram their adorable faces is one of my most favorite pastimes. Pair that with the opportunity to play photographer and my weekend is made!

I’ve been shooting on manual settings for a few years now but taking blog photos is totally different than trying to take photos of tiny things that move. It was a real test of my skill attempting to adjust the lighting very quickly in between shots. Rather than try to edit the pictures that are a bit overexposed, I’m sharing them all completely untouched. It will be nice to have a baseline I can revisit down the road and see how I’ve improved.

Okay now let’s look at some of the CUTEST FACES EVER! …well, cutest after Lucille’s of course šŸ˜‰

I was dying watching these two run around and hang out together! They really seemed to enjoy each other’s company and even ventured out of the brush together, which you can see in the following three photos. SqEarl comes out first, blazing the trail while Chip hangs back near the brush line. Then Chip’s quick to catch up.

Can you handle the cute?!? But wait there’s more…

Now that they’ve made it to the feeders, it’s time to feast.

Okay this last photo seriously slays me. I can’t even handle Chip’s little face!!

Uhhhhggggggg!!!!! Seriously, THOSE LITTLE FACES!! Does anyone remember the little plastic woodland toys from the 90s? They were families of badgers and chipmunks dressed in cute old-time-y clothes? Those were my favorite toys (also Tea Bunnies!) and I couldn’t stop picturing Chip in bibs with a bow-tie and cabbie hat – haha!

I want to be pixie-sized for a day so I can run around with them and hangout among the solar mushroom lights in suburban woodland paradise. I’m going to start bringing my camera out more often and get better at nature photography. It brings me so much joy and serenity to capture shots like this. I mean complete and utter serenity. I’m also a super bird nerd and I love being outside. *sigh* …I need more of this in my life. It’s so good for the soul.