Reclaimed and Re-loved

June 18, 2018

In my last post I left off stating I was feeling some serious maker’s guilt not sewing clothing like I used to in years past. I feel SO much better now after sharing those words and getting those thoughts out of my head. It’s like a form of closure allowing me to move on.

So with that said! …I still haven’t done any garment sewing for myself, but I still feel perfectly okay about it. I mean I want to, at the very least I still want to complete my Make Nine, but it’s called Slow Fashion for a reason so I’m going to take my sweet time. Actually, not sewing clothes has allowed me to fall in love with some sewing projects from years past all over again, as well as rekindle my love for thrifting and buying secondhand clothes.

This outfit is a perfect example:

I made this sleeveless variation of Grainline Studio’s Archer Button-up back in June of 2016 and I definitely have not given it enough love! I’d been on the hunt for some classic black jeans and almost bought a brand new pair from Everlane but I decided to check instead. It took me a bit of hunting (aka scrolling their app) but I found these secondhand Madewell jeans there for a song. Yusssss. Hooray for reclaiming and re-loving!

I’m also going to reclaim and re-love this blog space.

I’m going to keep sharing things that fuel my creativity, sometimes it will be sewing related and sometimes it won’t. I’ve planted my very first urban patio garden and I could talk endlessly about how deeply in love I’ve fallen with watching veggies and herbs grow (just like Hobbits). Because of this I’ve gotten the itch to try baking. You guys I’ve been watching a lot of baking shows on Netflix. I want to take overly staged photos of hipster-y herb-y cakes with hurr-de-blurr simple fruit syrups BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT. I want to share some tips for fellow micro-biz ladies out there, too! I’ve learned SO much this past year which was Home Row Fiber Co’s first year in business. I want to take more time for photography but I’m also going to shamelessly share cell phone pics if that’s all I’ve got (speaking of, thanks babe for snapping these pics for me!).

I want to make this space an online journal again, just for fun, like it was in “the early days”. A place where I can control the ads and the algorithms. I will share what makes me happy, when it makes me happy šŸ™‚

Instagram was the new blogging but I foresee blogging becoming the new Instagram…