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A Wonky WIP

July 11, 2018

One of the projects on my #2018MakeNine list is to make a new scrap quilt, because Gods know I have enough scraps kicking around with all the yarn bowls I’ve sewn since last year. In particular I have a lot of not-quite-perfect squares piling up from the lining fabrics I use and they’d be perfect in their un-perfectness for a quilt. After stumbling onto some unorthodox quilt inspiration via Pinterest, I suddenly knew exactly what to make with these perfectly imperfect squares.

I’ve always loved the idea of a pixel quilt but never wanted to commit to something complicated or involving a lot of colors. It wasn’t until this photo of a traditional cross-stitch pattern showed up in my Pinterest feed that I had a eureka moment. I guess sometimes suggested pins are useful…

As soon as I saw the motif I knew I could make it into a quilt pattern! This process isn’t as freehand and improvisational as just randomly drawing a square out of a box and sewing it to whatever square came before it. In fact, turning a cross-stitch pattern into a quilt could arguably be considered its own kind of complicated, but I’m enjoying the process and that’s all that matters.

I have 6 of 25 blocks finished so far. The assembly is slower than I was anticipating since the cut squares measure only 2.5″ and there’s so much pressing to be done in between piecing it all together. I’ve also been wrestling with my obnoxious perfectionist’s eye who wants all of the seams to line up exactly, especially because I know I’m capable of that as a skill, but it’s not possible for this quilt to be perfect because the squares weren’t cut with absolute precision in mind. It can’t happen. I need to let it go. That’s not what this quilt is about.

I’ve struggled with the concept of perfectionism a lot in my lifetime, and more so lately with the rise of social media. I know we all do. Just one more reason why I wanted to reclaim this blog as a personal journal and not an avenue in which to sell some “pin-able” “share-worthy” maker’s lifestyle complete with painstakingly perfect seams…. Anyhoo, I’m moving off topic here. I’ll definitely share these thoughts in a later blog post…

I’ll continue to chip away at this humbling quilt with its essence of wonky, piece by piece, until it’s finished though it will probably take me the rest of the year to do.

And I’m okay with that. Slow and perfectly imperfect is my mantra lately.